my confession is that Takumi Fire Emblem is super relatable but localization kinda made him less relatable but I mean he's still relatable (he lashes out towards others more in localization where in the original text it's usually more directed to himself)
but anyway Takumi being very hard on himself and his lack of self-esteem and assuming people think the worst of him which then manifests in his needing to feel like he's the best or else he just self destructs

that's a fat ass mood
but then it's also how he has these moments where he's just
not thinking about that, where he's just himself for a bit and you can see that he's a good person and he really is trying his best to be a good person, and he doesn't want to be this person that people are afraid...
...of talking to, and he realizes he pushes people away with how he can act up, but it's something that he can't just magically fix right away even though he wants to, and how he gets flustered when others praise him and I just adhflas Takumi deserves the world honestly
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