1) Elmhurst Hospital from Queens, NY came into the spotlight when an ER trauma doctor Colleen Smith took media for a tour through the Facilities at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY.
2) Lady War Anon @christinepolon was the first to expose this Democrat piece of propoganda, including ties Dr. Colleen Smith seems to have with the Amy Klobachar campaign. Lots of great info on LWA’s timeline, all relevant to what I’m about to post. https://twitter.com/threader_app/status/1245485039904833542?s=21
3) Amazing Polly @99freemind also dug into this doctor, with very suspect credentials.
4) This one propoganda piece, triggered the hashtag “FilmYourHospital.” While I’m not questioning the validity of the Virus, it appears there’s a Dem political agenda in play, to convince the population the Trump Admin is not providing hospitals with the appropriate equipment.
5) This twitter account has been filming the Elmhurst Hospital and paints a much different picture regarding how busy these hospitals actually are. https://twitter.com/tomrangerusa/status/1244940480359604224?s=21
6) Dr. Colleen Smith’s video was meant to highlight how “horribly unprepared” Elmhurst Hospital was for the CoronaVirus Pandemic.
“We don’t have the tools that we need.” Elmhurst was described as “Ground Zero” for the CoronaVirus Pandemic. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/nyregion/nyc-coronavirus-hospitals.html
8) This one states Dr. Smith’s an “emergency medicine physician.”
9) This little biography states Dr. Colleen Smith is an ER doctor at Elmhurst Hospital. She speaks Russian, among her many talents.
10) This one states Dr. Colleen Smith is an
Associate Residency Program Director, at Elmhurst. Which is it? 🧐 https://feminem.org/speaker/colleensmith-md/
11) She considers herself a “Simulationista”. She also calls herself a “resuscitationista”
13) While it’s not in relation to a Pandemic, it show’s she’s very proficient with mass casualty events, and the staging of them.
14) She’s involved in a yearly local competition called “Sim Wars.”
15) I do get those in the field use Manikin’s to train, including CPR. I do find it odd however, that somebody who “specializes” in medical simulation would be the one to beg for equipment, when all these manikins cost thousands of dollars, yet no masks or ventilators?
17) She seems to have traveled alot throughout her life, having lived in Ohio, Fort Walton, Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Virginia, and New York.
18) While in Chicago, she worked for non-profit Teach For America. This organization was funded and supported heavily by the Obama Administration. Interesting right?

20) Coincidentally, there was another “exclusive” that came out of Mount Sinai in Chicago that gave the same narrative with ER Dr. Samlan.
21) Around the same time, there was a similar leaked video from Mount Sinai Hospital in NY with black body bags lining the halls. With a piece of paper taped to the front of each bag for ID? Is that usual protocol?
22) I find it extremely odd that several Doctor’s from Mount Sinai affiliated hospitals are all filming inside the ER, with “real” patients, and all getting airtime with large MSM organizations. One would think with strict health confidentiality laws, this would be prohibited.
23) The hospitals state they’re moving in refrigerated trailer cars to be used as morgues for all the bodies. Why is Elmhurst using the loading dock attached to the back of Elmhurst Women’s Pavillion? Odd location for dead COVID victims? By a public parking garage?
24) Whoever thought of this “beauty” probably got a D in Dr. Smith’s Sim Class. A white, opaque body bag being loaded into a fancy coffin? What?! Why were the body bags at Mount Sinai black? Being loaded into a coffin from a funeral home?
25) Don’t think medical fraud happens in Dem run state of NY? Here’s a bust in Queens in 2014 not far from Elmhurst: “Ten Defendants were Charged In $70 Million Scheme To Defraud Medicaid And Medicare Through Medical Clinics In Brooklyn And Queens.” https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/ten-defendants-charged-70-million-scheme-defraud-medicaid-and-medicare-through-medical
“Defendants Paid Financially Disadvantaged And Homeless People To Pose As Patients, And Billed Insurers For Unnecessary Medical Visits And Tests Administered By Unlicensed Personnel”
28) Large Russian and high population of immigrants in Queens? I’m not connecting Dr. Smith to this bust, but you can see where speaking Russian just may come in handy in such an area.
29) “In the neighborhood it serves, Elmhurst, more than 2/3 residents were born outside of the United States, the highest such rate in the city. It is a safety-net hospital, serving mainly low-income patients, many lack primary care doctors.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/nyregion/nyc-coronavirus-hospitals.html
30) Who’s in charge of Elmhurst Hospital?
Israel Rocha Jr. He has quite the bio.
31) The most interesting~ “Earlier, he worked for 10 years in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat. He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves on the Regional Policy Board for the American Hospital Association.” No agenda here.
32) Elmhurst has had a bad reputation as a hospital, with many lawsuits and complaints. It sounds like equipment shortages are nothing new, they had shortages well before this crisis. 1 gown/patient/day.
34) President Trump put Elmhurst Hospital in the spotlight after Dr. Colleen Smith. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of this facility, or their situation. /The End
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