1/5 The cure to Covid-19 (and virtually every illness/disease) is mesenchymal stem cells. See 5/5 for study link. They are illegal in the US because pharmaceutical companies can’t patent mesenchymal stem cells as they are naturally occurring in small amounts in the human body.
2/5 Additionally mesenchymal stem cells have no known side effects and pharmaceutical companies thrive in large part because of the side effects of their drugs, causing customers to go on more and more drugs in an attempt to counter side effects.
3/5 Yes you are just a customer to them, pharmaceutical companies don’t give a fuck about your health and well being. They only care about making money off of your pain and suffering.
4/5 Inflammation is the root of all disease and the pharmaceutical companies know this. MSCs work by targeting and eliminating pro-inflammatory cytokines and also have the ability to repair and regenerate organs, bones, cartilage, and other tissues.
5/5 Here is the Covid-19 study and there are countless studies on MSCs effectiveness for everything from autism to spinal cord injuries http://www.aginganddisease.org/EN/10.14336/AD.2020.0228
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