if WALMART can make REAL changes for safety, @Albertsons, you NEED to adopt customer limits, you NEED to bar groups, you need to realize you owe us more than $2 an hour. I've gotten SCORN from mgmt for offering to MAKE masks for coworkers -- you should provide!! Help us survive. https://twitter.com/wfaa/status/1246538028732108802
@Albertsons, not only is front end distancing impossible -- especially when many make little effort to -- but we regularly have simply too many customers to do our jobs AND risk exposure. And make aisles one-way! Ineffiency vs safety is unacceptable tradeoff at this time.
And @Albertsons for the sake of the workers who are elderly, who have recovered from illnesses, who are MINORS -- POST SIGNS INFORMING PEOPLE TO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE USED GLOVES IN CARTS OR ON THE GROUND. live virus on PPE could be DEADLY.
I'm sorry @Albertsons but when I experienced two managers in two weeks who tried to force me to remove face masks, and these company letters are emptier thanks, I think you need to accept @UFCW400's stance: We need tests. We need transparency if a store has exposure. We need you.
Support Local400's call upon Governors @GovLarryHogan and @GovernorVA and Mayor @MayorBowser to designate us as first responders. Keep our cleaning supplies present -- when I left work at my Safeway today @Albertsons, we were down to a single box of paper cleaning towels.
We are #EssentialWorkers. @Albertsons, you know how badly March would have gone in this region had Local 400 voted to strike. We deserve tangible gratitude that values our lives, because we are #EssentialNotDisposable.
If you are immediately washing when you get home & are distancing from your own family, if being at work is harming your mental health, if the double-employee discount and $2 an hour aren't enough to cover the price increases -- speak out. We're #EssentialNotDisposable.
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