My ranking of every single episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: a THREAD.
144: The Killer In Me (Season 7)
Absolutely the worst episode of Buffy. A whole episode starring Warren and Kennedy, it doesn’t get much worse. I don’t mind the Buffy and Spike stuff though.
143: Empty Places (Season 7)
I’m not gonna dwell on this episode too much. The last scene is the most ridiculous inconsistent disloyal pile of shit I’ve ever seen and it still makes me angry 17 years later.
142: Doublemeat Palace (Season 6)
I don’t actually know why I dislike this episode so much. There’s just something about it. I find the ‘sex scene’ between Buffy and Spike really uncomfortable to watch and it’s generally just kind of a pointless episode. Nothing redeemable.
141: Beneath You (Season 7)
I really enjoy the start of Season 7 but I honestly forget this one exists! Just a very empty episode that existed solely for some character development for Spike, Anya and the season in general.
140: The Pack (Season 1)
This episode isn’t particularly enjoyable. I don’t like Xander much in the first season so it doesn’t help. It also generally makes me feel a little bit uneasy.
139: Wild At Heart (Season 4)
There’s a lot of bad characters in Season 4 and Veruca is the worst of the lot of them. I also love Oz but I’m not particularly a fan of any Oz/werewolf centric episodes and this one is my least favourite.
138: Into The Woods (Season 5)
This episode is probably the least arsed I’ve ever been about a character leaving? I also just don’t like it because it’s where Buffy starts to lose everything dear to her and sad Buffy is never fun to watch.
137: As You Were (Season 6)
This is probably the least arsed I’ve ever been about a character coming back, lol!? I enjoy Ivana Milicevic as Sam but that’s about all that’s worth watching.
136: Dead Things (Season 6)
A truly awful episode that I just find pretty uncomfortable to watch or enjoy. Any episode prominently featuring Warren was never gonna be particularly great. Katrina deserved better.
135: First Date (Season 7)
Principal Wood’s story arc is rather yawnworthy and this is worst episode of it. Points for featuring Nikki Wood and starring Ashanti though.
134: Goodbye Iowa (Season 4)
One of the weaker Season 4 episodes that’s unshockingly about Riley. Buffy and Xander sneaking into The Initiative is fun to watch though.
133: Ted (Season 2)
The late John Ritter stars in this episode that I don’t particularly enjoy. It’s a very odd episode that isn’t at all enjoyable and Ted’s treatment of Buffy makes my stomach turn.
132: Go Fish (Season 2)
I find it absolutely insane that this is the episode that precedes the Season 2 double episode finale and it definitely doesn’t help it’s case. Some great moments, mostly from Cordelia PLUS Xander in speedos but mostly, it’s very much okay.
131: I, Robot... You Jane (Season 1)
Another mediocre episode from Season 1 about the harsh reality of online dating, or well dating a demon resurrected as a machine... It’s not the worst but it’s not exactly good either.
130: Teacher’s Pet (Season 1)
Another filler episode for the first season that didn’t do much except tread on themes of teenagers and sex. The first real dud of the show.
129: Inca Mummy Girl (Season 2)
Another episode about Xander and his attempts with women. I rather enjoy the stuff with Cordelia and her exchange student Sven but all in all, a pretty forgettable episode.
128: Seeing Red (Season 6)
Not an overall offensive episode but *THAT* scene just makes me absolutely LOATHE this episode. The fact it happened and then in Season 7 all is forgiven in regard to it makes me a little more resentful to it.
127: Some Assembly Required (Season 2)
I do like little bits of this episode and it has some GENIUS lines from Cordelia but it’s very much an average monster of the week episode that doesn’t do much to further the plot.
126: Smashed (Season 6)
This is where Season 6 starts to delve into a deep depression after a fairly consistent run of episodes. Not the most offensive episode of all but I don’t particularly enjoy it.
125: The Initiative (Season 4)
The Spike and Willow content is great, all the stuff about The Initiative... is not. God, Graham Miller is hot though.
124: Beer Bad (Season 4)
I don’t loathe this episode as much as fans generally do but it is for sure one of the weaker ones in Season 4. The whole episode is worth watching however to see Parker get clubbed in the head.
123: Where The Wild Things Are (Season 4)
I don’t loathe this one either. Some great moments, Willow & Tara building their relationship, Anya and Xander’s arguments and WOOHOO practically no Riley!
122: Listening To Fear (Season 5)
This episode is a little bit heartbreaking. I hate seeing Joyce seem so helpless. The weird slime worm monster was a choice.
121: Bad Eggs (Season 2)
I don’t dislike this episode as much as everyone else seems to. I love the opening scene at the mall, the Gorch brothers, I enjoy Xander and I think Buffy is ‘such a badass and she knows it’ in this episode, however still very much filler.
120: Reptile Boy (Season 2)
I adore any episode that centres on Buffy and Cordelia but aside from some iconic lines this one is pretty basic.
119: The I In Team (Season 4)
An okay episode with great stuff with Spike and the gang, Buffy being iconic in the mission briefing scene for the Polgara demon and a final few minutes that are pretty great.
118: Wrecked (Season 6)
A better episode than it’s previous counterpart Smashed, I kind of like the (literal) ride this episode takes me on. This is probably also one of those times I feel really sorry for Dawn. Also, Buffy’s hair is absolutely fab.
117: Buffy vs Dracula (Season 5)
This is easily my least favourite opener. It’s an absolute detriment to the entire season that follows because it’s one of the worst episodes in arguably Buffy’s best season. I don’t really enjoy anything aside from Anya having history with Drac.
116: Amends (Season 3)
My first Season 3 episode falls here. This one always stuck out like a sore thumb to me and I think it’s because S3 is SO strong. I love the cameo from Jenny (even if it isn’t necessarily her) and I enjoy the final few minutes but otherwise I find it droll.
115: Two To Go (Season 6)
I don’t mind this episode, I really enjoy the Anya interactions with Andrew & Jonathan, but I absolutely loathe Dark Willow and her kicking Buffy’s ass.
114: Lies My Parents Told Me (Season 7)
Another episode in the Principal Wood and Spike saga that I don’t particularly enjoy. It doesn’t really have anything going for it other than some backstory on Nikki Wood which I like but isn’t particularly necessary.
113: Touched (Season 7)
This is one of the episodes where I really like Spike, (probably for being the only one to support Buffy.) I enjoy the Caleb and Buffy fight stuff and her discovering the scythe but the Faith/Potentials stuff is fairly lacklustre.
112: Never Leave Me (Season 7)
An episode I enjoy because I really like Andrew and he’s the only likeable member of The Trio. This is definitely one of the better middle of Season 7 episodes.
111: Phases (Season 2)
Like I said before, any Oz centric episodes aren’t particularly great and this suffers in being the lead up to the fantastic Season 2 finale but it’s also not really bad.
110: Shadow (Season 5)
Quite possibly the worst CGI ever used in the show and Jesus Christ, the PLASTIC SNAKE?! However, I enjoy the episode because hello, Glory and any episode featuring her is v good to fantastic.
109: Out Of My Mind (Season 5)
I enjoy an appearance from Harmony but this one is pretty forgettable, another episode about Spike and his chip that wouldn’t be missed from the season.
108: Entropy (Season 6)
I really dislike this episode for how my two favourite characters come out of it. Spike makes Buffy feel even worse than she already did and Anya does the worst thing she could do to Xander and for that reason I don’t enjoy it.
107: Older And Far Away (Season 6)
A fun enough episode in the middle of Season 6 which also features two of my favourite minor characters Halfrek, and Clem. I do also absolutely feel for Dawn in this episode as bratty as she is.
106: Never Kill A Boy On The First Date (Season 1)
Owen was... a MAN. This episode hails the iconic ‘BEEP ME!’ line as well as Buffy calling Emily Dickinson, Emily Dickens but overall an ok episode.
105: Beauty And The Beasts (Season 3)
The only other episode of Season 3 I think is subpar, yet I still do tend to enjoy. I love seeing Faith integrated into the group and it’s probably the most I enjoy an episode featuring werewolves.
104: All The Way (Season 6)
I like this episode, but it always suffered being sandwiched between the hilarious Life Serial and Once More, With Feeling. It’s a nice little episode which adds a little more to Dawn’s character but it’s time to go.
103: Villains (Season 6)
Deservedly a higher placement for Willow getting vengeance on my least favourite character. I also enjoy her using her capabilities of power before she fully turns, but also just a big huge MEH because it’s my least favourite story arc.
102: New Moon Rising (Season 4)
This episode breaks my heart because I adored Willow and Oz but I also enjoy it because of the beginning of the Willow and Tara relationship. It’s lacklustre because it’s another episode featuring both werewolves AND The Initiative.
101: Flooded (Season 6)
This episode makes me feel really bad for Buffy, as if she didn’t have enough to deal with, she’s broke. I do really enjoy the fight scene in the bank and her slitting up her skirt to fight, iconic.
100: Sleeper (Season 7)
An average episode yet again centered around Spike and The First. I really love the fight scene where Buffy takes out multiple vamps with ease, plus it also features a great Aimee Mann song that’s used very well in the episode.
99: Bring On The Night (Season 7)
A potential slayer heavy episode which I don’t particularly enjoy. The introduction of the Ubervamp was interesting for all of about 10 seconds but it’s good to see Buffy have a full out battle on her hands as it’d felt a while.
98: Dead Man’s Party (Season 3)
I loathe every single character in this episode bar Buffy & Giles. Buffy’s dress is absolutely horrendous. It is nice to see zombies used properly for the first time but all in all a pretty average episode. Extra points though for “HEY PAT!”
97: The Yoko Factor (Season 4)
A very testosterone heavy episode I don’t really care for, especially when it comes to another bad Season 4 character, Forrest. Also a three way between Buffy, Riley & Angel no one really asked for. The Spike content is fairly decent though.
96: After Life (Season 6)
It’s really sad to see Buffy having to deal with everything in this episode and it’s a feeling I could kind of resonate to in my own way. I also find this episode quite creepy and it scared me as a child.
95: Lie To Me (Season 2)
An episode I enjoy thanks to Drusilla and the iconic Chantarelle but I really loathe Billy Fordham, his storyline and how bland of a character the actor Jason Behr makes him.
94: Superstar (Season 4)
I never really care for Jonathan during the entire series so the last thing I ever wanted was an episode LITERALLY devoted to the character. Sarah does a great job playing a Jonathan superfan but I generally find the episode very mediocre.
93: End Of Days (Season 7)
“He had to split.” A fairly good penultimate episode that puts Buffy back into the drivers seat with a nice appearance from Angel. The scenes between Anya and Andrew are also super fun and sweet.
92: Consequences (Season 3)
An episode that purely serves to bridge the gap between Bad Girls and Faith teaming up with The Mayor. It’s sad to see Faith lose literal faith in the Scoobies and turn to the bad side but it was inevitable.
91: Get It Done (Season 7)
An enjoyable episode in Season 7 that adds some interesting back story to the history of the slayers.
90: Dirty Girls (Season 7)
RACHEL BILSON AS A POTENTIAL!!! An okay episode that’s improved by the scenes with Faith & the Potentials and everything in the vineyard.
89: Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (Season 1)
The first episode to prominently feature Cordelia is a fun one. Clea DuVall is always a wonder to watch so her role as Marcie Ross is pretty enjoyable. An episode that is also very relatable as someone who felt like I was on the outside.
88: The Harsh Light Of Day (Season 4)
Harmony swings back into Season 4 newly sired by Spike. The Gem of Amara was a good subplot that also bled over into an episode of Angel. Overall, a good episode only ruined by one thing... Parker.
87: I Was Made To Love You (Season 5)
A fairly good episode only ruined by an appearance from Warren. April was an interesting enough character and it would’ve been nice to see how Britney Spears would’ve played the role.
86: Forever (Season 5)
A huge contrast to the previous episode whilst still dealing with Joyce’s death. A good little episode with some fun Spike and Dawn scenes.
85: The Puppet Show (Season 1)
A laugh riot of an episode in Season 1 which has some great moments. Cordelia doing Whitney for the talent show is absolutely iconic. Sid was also a fun minor character who would’ve been nice to see used again!
84: The Dark Age (Season 2)
I’m not a huge fan of this episode but it’s the first time Giles gets some backstory to his days as ‘Ripper’ so it’s redeemed. Ethan Rayne is also always fun to watch.
83: Showtime (Season 7)
Buffy’s showdown with the Turok-Han. A good episode where Buffy teaches the Potentials a lesson before she gets a little too self righteous.
82: Revelations (Season 3)
A pretty good episode in which Faith gets a new watcher, Gwendolyn Post (played by the superb Serena Scott Thomas) that pits the slayers against each other for the first time.
81: Crush (Season 5)
“The only chance you had with me was when I was unconscious.” said with absolute conviction is one of my favourite lines in the whole series. A really good episode featuring three of Buffy’s best female characters.
80: Grave (Season 6)
Buffy’s worst finale by quite a stretch. I’m really happy Xander was the one to resolve the season and stop Willow but I still wish Buffy had more of a role in the finale. It also just feels really paint by numbers.
79: Gingerbread (Season 3)
“Did I get it?”, Cordelia saying Giles is gonna wake up in a coma, MOO, Amy being tolerable in an episode, and a fun episode with witches. Season 3 really is THAT bitch.
78: A New Man (Season 4)
I’m always gonna be a sucker for an episode staring easily the best male character, Giles. What a wee fun episode that’s really funny and has some great scenes featuring him and Spike.
77: Choices (Season 3)
A great action packed episode and probably the most I EVER enjoy Willow. She’s an absolute badass in the episode and absolutely DRAGS Faith. Love all the scenes in the school and the fight scenes.
76: Hell’s Bell’s (Season 6)
I really dislike that despite the episode being a wedding for Anya and Xander, this episode is definitely more Xander centric. Also, not a fan of Anya being treated like shit so it’s not an episode I generally love.
75: Bargaining (Part 1)
The length that Willow is willing to go to for Buffy’s sake is absolutely admirable. Spike and Dawn are really fun in this episode and I enjoy the threat of the biker demons. A good season premiere.
74: Tough Love (Season 5)
A really good episode that shows the power Willow already possesses and how much rage, upset and anger fuels it. One of the episodes that makes me cry.
73: Gone (Season 6)
This episode is really fun. Buffy’s wig is the absolutely most disgusting thing to ever be worn on someone’s head of all time and should’ve been a criminal offence. Love Buffy’s new hair. Love Buffy enjoying herself amidst her S6 depression.
72: Normal Again (Season 6)
This may be controversial but I’m not overly keen on this episode. Sarah is superb in this episode and it’s an interesting take but I generally find it quite depressing to watch.
71: Fool For Love (Season 5)
Another episode I’m controversially not that obsessed with. I LOVE seeing The Whirlwind together and I love learning about Spike and the slayers he’s killed, but it’s the point where the show became too obsessed with Spike.
70: Real Me (Season 5)
This Dawn centric episode is very cute and fun. It’s very cool to see the dynamic with the gang as if Dawn had always been around. There’s some really nice and funny moments.
69: Killed By Death (Season 2)
This episode used to terrify me as a child and literally scared me of going into hospital. Generally quite good of an episode and it’s interesting to hear about Buffy’s family as it’s very rare.
68: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (Season 2)
This is a really fun episode in Season 2. Sarah gets an episode to be sexy, Joyce is iconic, and Amy is again bearable. A good Xander episode.
67: No Place Like Home (Season 5)
This is a episode I really like. Buffy’s spell stuff is really cool, and it also marks the first appearance of the elusive Glory, or ‘The Beast.’ The SASS! The DRAMA! The ‘FIGHT’ SCENE! The HEELS!
66: Lessons (Season 7)
I personally find this episode underrated. I really like Dawn in Season 7 and this is a good example. Buffy is back to her top form quipping self as well as kicking butt so I really enjoy it!
65: I Only Have Eyes For You (Season 2)
One of my favourite monster of the week episodes in Season 2. All of the stuff with the spirits is really interesting. It’s sad to see Giles still in mourning for Jenny and the final showdown between a possessed Buffy & Angel is great.
64: The Harvest (Season 1)
A very fun episode that does well to excel the characters and has some good fight scenes for Season 1, I just find it weaker personally then the series’ first ever episode.
63: Chosen (Season 7)
Okay so, Season 7 is my least favourite season and whilst I do think Chosen is a serviceable series finale it also makes some absolutely horrendous choices. It’s absolutely sub par in terms of quality when put next to every finale from Season 1 through 5.
62: Bargaining - Part 2 (Season 6)
An episode that’s part fun because of all the stuff with the Scoobies and the biker gang, but also devastating due to Buffy’s situation. I actually wish Sunnydale had been without Buffy for a little bit longer.
61: What’s My Line - Part 1 (Season 2)
The much weaker part to this fun mid season double episode. I still enjoy it but it’s missing Kendra for the most part. Kudos for having one of the best kills in the season featuring an ice skate.
60: Doomed (Season 4)
A fun little episode that revisits the destroyed high school and features a near end of the world apocalypse. The only thing I wish it didn’t have was Riley because it felt like this episode should have stayed personally to the Scoobies.
59: Band Candy (Season 3)
A very fun episode that has some great moments and gives Giles and Joyce an episode to shine. Principal Snyder is also absolutely hilarious in the episode and its the only one I can bare him in.
58: Family (Season 5)
Despite being in the majority of Season 4 it wasn’t until this episode where Tara managed to integrate properly into the group. A really nice episode that gives me fuzzies for the whole gang and features Amy Adams as a guest star!
57: Bad Girls (Season 3)
This episode forks the path of moral code when both of our slayers get into a deadly accident. I love the interactions between Buffy and Faith and wish we’d had a few episodes more of them just having fun. Also... “Nooo, you don’t get it. I don’t care.”
56: Primeval (Season 4)
The ACTUAL ending to Season 4’s Adam arc but not the finale. This is a really nice episode for the Core 4 and has some really touching moments. The cyborg stuff is also majorly creepy.
55: Same Time, Same Place (Season 7)
The demon from this episode is absolutely TERRIFYING. I felt so bad for Willow and just wanted her to find the others! A good transitional episode for bringing her back into the fold though.
54: Lover’s Walk (Season 3)
A BRILLIANT episode. This is probably my favourite Spike appearance in the series. The whole saga between Willow & Xander comes to a head with consequences for Oz & Cordy and it’s really great but also devastating.
53: Storyteller (Season 7)
An Andrew centric episode in Season 7 that does the perspective in a fun, lighthearted way. Andrew is an absolute highlight of the final season and this is a major hit for him.
52: Blood Ties (Season 5)
This episode features one of my absolute favourite fight scenes in the whole series which hails an iconic introduction from Buffy, Glory being in FULL sass mode and Willow starting to show the level of her magical abilities.
51: When She Was Bad (Season 2)
Buffy comes back to Sunnydale in complete bitch mode with new hair to match. Cordelia comes back to school with blonde hair and a cold. One of the best uses of a song in Buffy’s whole run and an all round great action packed season opener.
50: Nightmares (Season 1)
A fun episode where the gang’s nightmares come true thanks to a boy in a coma. Xander’s fear of clowns resonated with me so much as a child and Willow’s opera singing scene is hilarious.
49: Faith, Hope & Trick (Season 3)
Faith’s inaugural episode was always going to be enjoyable and her introductory scene is so fun. I love kissing toast, taquitos... I mean, Kakistos and wish he’d hung around for long.
48: Angel (Season 1)
Our favourite couple get close as we discover that OH MY GOD, Angel is a vampire! An episode I absolutely enjoy because frankly everything Darla appears in this fantastic, even if she does use a set of pistols to try and injure Angel, lmao.
47: Welcome To The Hellmouth (Season 1)
The first ever episode of Buffy is a series premiere done right. A fantastic opening scene that drags you right in. Brilliantly introduces you to each character and lets you know that this is JUST the beginning. OMG, what a show. 😭
46: Something Blue (Season 4)
An episode I KIND of detest because I get that Willow is hurt but she treats her friends like absolute SHIT and it annoys me. Otherwise, a really fun Season 4 episode, with the best scene being Buffy telling Riley about Spike.
45: Halloween (Season 2)
Oh my god, a great Halloween episode in Buffy, this is such a fun little ride. Every character is absolutely great in their own way, and I absolutely SCREAM when Willow comes down the stairs in a sheet. “Hey Will, a nice BOO! ya got there.” Hilarious.
44: Witch (Season 1)
Aside from the finale, this is absolutely my favourite episode of the first season. I was absolutely gagged they could have episodes of this quality and only on episode THREE! It’s so fun to watch, and crazy funny. Buffy is a joy, Cordelia is a joy. It’s fab!
43: Enemies (Season 3)
A very good episode in Season 3 that does a lot to further the plot in regards to the Mayor. It’s fun to watch Faith enjoy being bad but it’s even more satisfying to know she was being played by Buffy.
42: Spiral (Season 5)
A great episode in what is Season 5’s fantastic trio of final episodes. Glory knows the truth about The Key so the gang go on the run. Some fantastic fight scenes and some really sweet moments.
41: Checkpoint (Season 5)
This is a really nice episode in the middle of Season 5. The montage of the watchers asking the gang questions. Buffy’s speech! Giles being rehired as watcher! It’s great.
40: The Weight Of The World (Season 5)
A mellow(?) episode in comparison to the ones on either side but equally as important. It’s gutting to see how much Buffy blames herself and how much she really does riding on her shoulders. A great lead up to the finale.
39: The Replacement (Season 5)
Despite being my least favourite member of the Scooby Gang, Xander has two absolutely fantastic episodes & this is one of them. This is one of those rare moments I absolutely love him and everything he stands for amongst the rest of the characters.
38: Helpless (Season 3)
Despite having watched it countless times, this episode makes me sad. I just wanna protect Buffy & keep her safe. An episode that is low key scary because you know Buffy is powerless & vulnerable, yet in the end shows she’s not only strong, but very smart.
37: Living Conditions (Season 4)
There’s no secret I’m a fan of Season 4 and this is such an episode as for why. The first half of this season was the first boxset I got as an 11 year old and I watched it over and over. A hilarious episode filled with so many GREAT moments.
36: The Wish (Season 3)
I kind of go off this episode because I think of it as a Cordelia centric episode, yet she doesn’t last very long. A great episode that sets up Anya/Anyanka well but is definitely the weaker of the vengeance demon episodes in Season 3.
35: Fear, Itself (Season 4)
Buffy’s BEST Halloween episode. As I said, the first boxset I ever got and as an 11 year old, it creeped me out. The guy with the snapped neck used to stay in my head. The fact they all get separated and deal with their own fear is so well done.
34: Potential (Season 7)
My favourite Dawn episode in Buffy, and also featuring my favourite Potential, Amanda. It’s great to see Dawn step up to the plate when she thinks she’s meant to be a Potential and it’s gutting when it turns out she’s not. Xander’s speech is gorgeous. 😭
33: Help (Season 7)
This is another really great episode featuring Dawn, and the biggest offence they did with the season is not make the most of her. She’s so much more grown up & likeable in Season 7! ANYWAY! Buffy excels her in showing she’s still an absolute hero.
32: Triangle (Season 5)
Despite being the best season in terms of its story arc, this is probably the first episode of Season 5 that is top notch. A really really funny episode that focuses on Xander, Anya and Willow (didn’t happen enough) and Olaf The Troll ‘God’.
31: Pangs (Season 4)
Despite the stereotypes, this is a really fun episode from Season 4. Angel’s first appearance after leaving Buffy, and she doesn’t even get to see him! A lot of funny stuff here and some fab fight scenes.
30: Who Are You (Season 4)
The latter half of the Buffy/Faith body swap drama that I love. I love all the stuff with Sarah playing Faith in Buffy’s body but I find the other stuff with Buffy as Faith quite meh and slightly uncomfortable to watch.
29: Life Serial (Season 6)
My third favourite episode of Season 6. It’s absolutely hilarious but is CATEGORICALLY this strong because of of all the scenes with Buffy in the Magic Box and the Mummy Hand.
28: Him (Season 7)
My third favourite & the funniest episode of Season 7 falls here. There are so many HILARIOUS bits to this episode. Willow willing to turn him into a woman! Anya ROBBING A BANK! Buffy willing to kill the Principal! Spike taking down Buffy as she does! SCREAM!
27: Conversations With Dead People (Season 7)
Now, THIS episode is absolutely heartbreaking BUT there is also something about it that’s enjoyably evil(?) and makes me tick. The only episode not to feature Xander and benefits from it very well.
26: What’s My Line - Part 2 (Season 2)
This is definitely the stronger part of the double episode. I really enjoy the relationship between Buffy & Kendra. Xander and Cordelia KISS! Worm man! Killer lady cop! A restored Drusilla! A GREAT episode.
25: The Zeppo (Season 3)
Far and away, Xander’s best episode. It’s great that despite the fact he has little to no contribution to the gang, this episode gave him time to shine and shows he’s just as important as everyone else. The apocalypse stuff we barely see is also fab.
24: This Year’s Girl (Season 4)
Faith awakes from her coma after being stabbed by Buffy and she’s out for blood. There’s some great interaction between both slayers with some fantastic fight scenes. A rare Season 4 appearance from Joyce which is lovely and sassy.
23: Anne (Season 3)
I absolutely ADORE this episode and it might have my favourite fight scene of the entire series. Buffy kicks some serious ass and is throwing out quips like there’s no tomorrow! Another appearance from the iconic Chantarelle who is now living as Lily.
22: Homecoming (Season 3)
Season 3 of Buffy is my favourite season of television of all time & this episode is absolutely ICONIC. Buffy and Cordelia both annihilate this episode, both are hilarious, both are bitchy, both are STUNNING. A fantastic action packed hour of television.
21: Prophecy Girl (Season 3)
My final cut before the top 20 is my last episode of Season 1. Buffy looks absolutely STUNNING in her dress. She gives emotion with her heartbreaking rant at Giles and then is SASSY AF whilst defeating The Master. ALSO: Cordelia’s “LIBRARY, GREAT!”
20: The Prom (Season 3)
W H E W, what an episode. Take away the monster of the week content & the rest is sensational. Buffy & Angel in the sewer is devastating, them dancing is beautiful but most of all Buffy winning her award is absolutely the definition of DESERVED. 😭😭😭
19: Doppelgängland (Season 3)
Far and away, the best Willow episode of the show. Alyson does a fantastic job of playing Willow, Vampire Willow & Willow AS Vampire Willow and it’s just a joy to watch. Buffy’s reaction to seeing Vampire Willow for the first time is ICONIC.
18: School Hard (Season 2)
This may seem like an odd choice to be so high up in my list but I really enjoy it. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s hilarious and marks the first appearance of Spike and Drusilla. It’s an action packed episode that is probably my first 10/10 of the series.
17: Selfless (Season 7)
Season 7 falls here with this spectacular Anya centric episode. A face off between my absolute two favourite Buffy characters which addresses moral code and making sacrifices that also reference conversations that were said FIVE SEASONS EARLIER! FANTASTIC.
16: Surprise (Season 2)
This episode changed Buffy, it changed television! I remember being absolutely enthralled by this episode and everything that happens. The love you can clearly tell Buffy and Angel have for each other and the want to protect each other is beautiful.
15: Tabula Rasa (Season 6)
An absolutely hilarious episode with COUNTLESS great moments. Buffy calling herself JOAN!!!!! Every single character gets to be funny and it’s just so fun and great. The use of ‘Goodbye To You’ at the end is also absolutely perfect.
14: Earshot (Season 3)
This is an absolute STANDOUT in terms of comedy. Buffy finding out about Giles & Joyce, Buffy cheating in class & generally any moments she can hear peoples thoughts are incredible. An also incredibly relatable harrowing theme runs throughout the episode.
13: Intervention (Season 5)
Sarah is on comedic form as Buffy in this episode. She plays the Buffybot perfectly and I absolutely adore it. There are scores of iconic quotes and great moments throughout. The scenes with Giles, and Buffy meeting The First are also brilliant.
12: Becoming - Part 1 (Season 2)
An excellent first part to the double finale, this episode does really well to turn up the severity of Angelus. Drusilla absolutely shines in this episode and shows she’s a formidable opponent in her own right. The last 10 minutes is spectacular.
11: Graduation Day - Part 1 (Season 3)
Another stellar first part of a double finale. I love that despite everything Buffy is still willing to risk her life for Angel. Some of the most stunning fight choreography in the entire series that shows how badass both slayers are.
10: Passion (Season 2)
An absolutely HEARTBREAKING gut-wrenching stunningly made episode. Buffy & Giles absolutely STEAL the show. I always read into it that despite having Olivia in S4 Giles never really finds love again like he did with Jenny and that makes it all more sad.
9: Innocence (Season 2)
Holy FUCK! The range of emotions Buffy goes through in this episode. Confusion about where Angel has gone, being heartbroken, finding out he’s turned, and then fighting through the pain to take on The Judge and Angelus. That was then. THIS IS NOW. Iconic.
8: Once More, With Feeling (Season 6)
I wasn’t a fan of musicals as a child but this is brilliant, and not just because it was Buffy. It’s fantastically made and throws out absolutely truckloads of story development through song and manages to be funny as well as heartbreaking.
7: Becoming - Part 2 (Season 2)
What an absolutely FANTASTIC hour of television. Buffy on the run, her teaming up with Spike, TELLING HER MUM SHE IS THE SLAYER, her fight scene with Angelus, defeating Angel... just as he’s cured, and then having to leave?! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.
6: The Freshman (Season 4)
Aside from the obvious 10/10 episodes, this is my personal favourite ever episode. It’s the epitome of Buffy for me and holds memories dear from 20 years ago. It’s just fantastic & it’s fun. Xander’s pep talk, the fight scenes, Giles, SUNDAY!!!!!! Whew!
Graduation Day - Part 2 (Season 3)
A PERFECT finale to the end of Season 3, as well as high school. I absolutely adore that the WHOLE school is in on it and they band together to take on The Mayor. So many fantastic little moments as well, notably Cordelia’s Ebola quote. 😂
4: The Body (Season 5)
Christ... how do I? It’s INCREDIBLY heartbreaking to lose Joyce because I was SO invested with Buffy I felt like I’d personally lost her. Anya’s speech is absolutely DEVASTATING but also so insanely relatable. The best made episode of TV I’ve ever seen. 🥺
3: Hush (Season 4)
Another fantastically well made episode but this time is a joy to watch. The physical comedy is absolutely brilliant and EVERYONE manages to play their character to a tee without SAYING A SINGLE WORD. The Gentlemen are also absolutely genius, yet terrifying.
2: The Gift (Season 5)
The greatest hour of TV I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s got EVERYTHING, fantastic dialogue, setting, fight scenes, everything is fucking next level. The last few moments, which epitomise Buffy as the most selfless hero are PERFECT yet an absolute gut punch.
1: Restless (Season 4)
Every segment of this ep is absolute fucking genius. It’s so weird, HILARIOUS, odd & you wonder what’s going on in Joss’s mind. It’s absolutely visually stunning & every moment is BREATHTAKING. I cannot fault a thing & it’s possibly my fave episode of TV.
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