Show them what shit would look like if there was no George W. Bush or Donald Fucking Trump. Two men who lost the popular vote and just barely "won".

But no, you're focused on tearing others down. You can say you'll vote for the nominee all you want while you dissuade voters.
All that progressive shit that we want would be here already if we didn't lose 12 years of moving forward because it wasn't good enough.

The supreme court would be 8-1 liberal, Gore would have handled climate change and Hillary would have built on his and Obamas success.
Seriously think about what kind of place we would be in if:


You can't tell me it wouldn't be vastly different and much better.

You fail to realize that better is always worth voting for, even if it isn't the whole package.
If turnout was higher or we went by popular vote we wouldn't have had a republican president since Bush 41 left office 4 years before I was born. I'm 24. That's 28 years of moving forward incrementally vs 16 years of putting out fires.
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