A question for each of us is what is this time asking of me?

What is it asking me to see, learn, heal, release, transform, make peace with, celebrate, invite in, offer, show up for, focus on.

How can we each be more of who we are?

Make no mistake, this is liberation work.
A lot of ideologies, frameworks, beliefs systems, cosmologies, paradigms are all being put through the fire and are revealing themselves to be unstable, unbalanced, unintegrated, irrelevant, outdated and not serving. It takes a lot of courage and humility to examine your beliefs.
If you have put your faith into something or someone that you believed would keep you safe and sustain you and are now realizing that trust was misplaced, please be gentle with yourself. When the veils come off it can be a crushing blow.
I have experienced devastation in my life so many times on my path and when people tried to tell me that one day I would be stronger because of it, I wanted to scream. I felt they couldn’t possibly understand. So I won’t say that to you.
But because I don’t coddle what I will say is this. Do not close your heart. It can feel sometimes that the weigh of what we are going through, the level of disappointment, will crush us. It can certainly burn like hell. But hardening your heart is the last thing you want to do.
Keeping my heart pure has been my saving grace. I never let anything I have gone through corrupt my heart. Do not allow life to turn you into someone you are not. Instead, allow everything you experience to prove to yourself the type of person you really are.
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