To ensure the continued safety and security of all Canadians, we announced today new measures to reduce the risk of #COVID19 transmission on ferries and commercial passenger vessels.
Until June 30 at the earliest, all commercial marine vessels with a capacity of more than 12 passengers will be prohibited from engaging in non-essential activities such as tourism or recreation. Those operating in Canadian Arctic waters will be prohibited to do so until Oct. 31.
These measures do not apply to essential passenger vessels such as ferries, water taxis, medical-use vessels, cargo ships, barges, work boats, fishing vessels & other commercial vessels who operate to support resupply operations & movement of goods through Canada’s supply chain.
For ferries and essential passenger vessels, operators must implement additional measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission either by immediately reducing the maximum number of passengers on board by 50% /
In addition to these measures, @Transport_gc is issuing guidelines to ferry operators asking them to respect health screening for all passengers before boarding to better protect their employees and passengers. These guidelines are based on advice from @GovCanHealth.
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