I, for one, would like to thank the Queen for making her royal address and providing the nation with something it sorely needs right now...

The perfect Photoshop bait...
This is a difficult time for everyone and I, for one, am grateful for gifts such as these...
"We are not amused..."
A few of you said my queenscreen photoshops are disrespectful, and you're right.

The Queen is definitely a corgis > cats lady.
I don't have a Soundcloud, but while you're here, consider donating to one of the numerous hospital charities the Queen is a patron of: https://www.royal.uk/charities-and-patronages?name=hospital&mrf=2&field_themes_target_id=&field_world_region_value=

It was wonderful of the Queen to make this speech. She has a lovely sense of humour and I think she'd appreciate these!
Okay 2020 let's break the Internet
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