COVID-19 SO FAR: What have we done right, and where did we go wrong?

Patty Hajdu is now at the center of an editorial campaign to bolster her image. She desperately needs the help.

At the beginning of the crisis her response received an A+ rating.

#COVID19 #Cdnpoli
She followed the public health dogma and kept an air of calm, but there were already cracks in Team Trudeau's COVID-19 strategy.

Failure to prepare.
Failure at our borders
Failure at to trace and isolate
Failure to prevent travel
Failure to react to community spread

Failure to prepare.

It became very clear early in the outbreak that Canada lacked the necessary ventilators and personal protective equipment to cope with an outbreak on the level of Wuhan's crisis.

Existing expired stock has to this date not been tested and recertified.

Failure at our border.

From the unfiltered traffic at Roxham Rd, to the unabated flights in from active hotspots, no effort was made to prevent influx of cases into Canada.

None existing screening at the border and no clear directions to quarantine compounded the error.

Failure to trace and isolate.

The lack of proper screening at the border and inadequate early testing capacity hindered public health's ability for contact tracing.

This is a key element in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Failure to prevent travel.

The single most greivous error to date has been the March break fiasco.

Allowing millions of Canadians to spread out across the globe and return without strict quarantine rules allowed for a tremendous and unnecessary number of vectors for the virus.
Failure to react to community spread.

The early stages were actually handled well. Social distancing was brought into effect quickly.

The resistance to public use of masks by Trudeau's team is still ongoing and will cost lives. It makes no sense.

If we are going to beat COVID-19, we are going to have to make good quick decisions.

We have a successful model in Taiwan, and clear guidance from Dr. Fauci, the NIH, and the CDC.

It's time for Hajdu to stop with the politics and start listening to the world's top experts.

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