Honest question: is there any evidence that evolutionary psychology is more replicable than non-evo work? https://twitter.com/primalpoly/status/1246820163527172096
To expand, and make sure it’s clear I’m not piling ev psych, as can happen, I see strengths and weaknesses.

+ iff ev brings better theory, replicability goes up
+ IMO does better job (still not good) with WEIRD

- methods are basically social
- same issues with QRP, bias, etc
theory should help a lot (Muthukrishna & Henrich). But a key is that the theory has to be solid. There are some reasons to worry about how well theory in ev psych matches theories by the same name from bio, etc (Frankenhuis & Nettle, etc).

Ev SHOULD replicate better, but is it?
Beyond theory, you’ve got methods. And here I don’t see much air between social/personality and evolutionary psychology. Once the hypothesis is in place, s/p and evo look the same to me.
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