if y’all have lil common sense y’all would’ve decoded this yourself simple ganith hai rebranding of her accs was supposed to happen today..especially cuz of the devo drama that she isn’t anything without sid and plus her individuality comes first..this mona girl who mind you is+
a kattar solo got to know abt it and used it to her advtg..then in the end goes sidnaaz jo bhi hai wo hai future main dekhege so all in all she doesn’t know jackshit..she played y’all lmao..baaz legit said he doesn’t know what mona and rajbeer are doing and ignore them chill karo
what else do y’all wanna hear and u gonna believe baaz HER OWN LITERAL BROTHER or these peeps? bruh believe sana and sid atleast they themselves have given u so many hints..him liking sidnaaz vm in which HIS SIDE IS literally shown..her posting abt sidnaaz..now it’s time to be
professional and they’re keeping personal life personal so LET THEM..at the same time they giving u hints so dhukde rona band karo on my tl byeeee
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