The first work I ever did for @GrubWriters was volunteer for The Muse and the Marketplace conference in 2011, and I haven’t missed a Muse since. That first one was a weekend of assisting session leaders, meeting writers in the halls, and helping them find their way.
I remember getting on the red line to go home on that final day and feeling an overwhelming exhaustion mixed with overwhelming inspiration and joy. I’ve felt that same feeling every Muse since.
I’m heartbroken we weren’t able to gather again for the conference this year, but I’m mustering up my inspiration and joy anyway, and getting back to the writing desk, like I have in the glow post-Muse all these years past. #Muse20
I kept my #Muse19 postcard on my fridge to motivate me. I hope it inspires you to #GrubOn too! #Muse20
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