my PoV on all this bahu kand
they all are not against Shehnaaz. They all are against sidharth. Puri tarah se. They’re not targeting sana individually. They’re targeting sana with the tag “sidnaaz”
They are trying to make Shehnaaz and her family salty for this “sidnaaz” tag .
They know how large and big sidnaaz fandom is.
1M likes in 4 hrs is crazy

bahu gang targeted the tag sidnaaz
“ Shehnaaz sidharth ke bina kuch nahi hai “
“ they look like brother sister “
The Bahu gang is even getting support from opposite fandoms like Asim’s, asimanshi’s and Himanshi’s.
Asim and sana didn’t have any grudges towards each other.. then why is asim fandom supporting devoleena??
They’re doing what they tried to do in Bigg boss as well, kill the queen and then kill the king
They all actually know how much concerned sidharth is about Shehnaaz. They’re just trying to bring shehnaaz’s or sidharth’s reaction to all this. I’m glad both of them are ignoring
Also let’s be real sidharth and rashami had a salty past
But SidRa never gained as much popularity as sidnaaz.
rashami’s last day taunt as well
Ladko ko beech. Like who ladke?
Sidharth and paras. That comment indirectly targets them as well
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