1/ People like Mehdi do what they do to support the Ummah, and protect Islam. They lie, spread hatred & bigotry against other religions to do this turning Islamic tormentors into victims and blaming other religions like Hinduism.
2/ Islam has over a thousand years of practice doing this. I'll use India as an example in this thread. Today we hear claims of fascism, far right dictatorships, Nazis, Hindu terrorists and terrorist organizations. Lies & propaganda that succeed through peoples lack of knowledge.
3/ They take Hindu words like Hindutva and turn it into some evil ideology. They take sacred Hindu symbols and turn them into images of hatred and Nazism. They boldly lie that there is a genocide happening, that muslims are being persecuted by the government.
4/ Back to Mehdi, here is a short video of him speaking from the “truth” from the Quran. He will use Muslim scholars that intentionally mislead people from the truth of Islam to argue this isn’t true. It is.
5/ You'll notice the propaganda mirrors Pakistan, Islamic States & corrupt left political parties in India who are trying to get back into power. The people of India were finally able to vote them out after 60+ years of this elite family dynasty political party ruling over India.
6/ Billionaires like Omidyar hire journalist like Mehdi to accomplish this goal. Other liberal elite media owners have other motivations, they do it to help liberal elite cronies in corrupt left political parties get back into power. Propaganda driven regime change efforts.
7/ Billionaires like Soros use their wealth in this elite control battle as well. Soros recently committed a billion dollars in the fight against non existent fascism in India. Modi is a center left to center politician. He is not fascist, this is propaganda.
8/ You'll notice Bernie Sanders mirrors the liberal elite & Islamic propaganda and agenda. These are the new allies of the left progressives. These are the people guiding Bernie in Foreign Policy or Bernie is willingly partaking, only he can answer.
9/ Here is Bernie attacking India, lying about the situation and supporting the propaganda of the Washington Post. https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1232763321163579395?s=20
10/ We have to acknowledge other truths about Bernie. He let his own campaign spread bigoted propaganda against Tulsi Gabbard. The propaganda Ro Khanna introduced was a bigoted attack on Hinduism and Tulsi Gabbard because of her Hindu faith. Ro knew this. Bernie let it happen.
11/ Why use India as example. It's the seat of Hinduism. The country's in chaos & turmoil because of a large radical element within the population that follows Islam. They've been rioting for months, burning property, stoning police, calling to break India and freedom from Hindus
12/ These are the truths the MSM, Progressive Media & Islamic media will not tell you. They all have their own agendas but they're all working together to achieve those goals.
13/ Bernie follows liberal elite & Islamic propaganda to make foreign policy decisions. The “Progressive” Democrats do same. The elite moved left to protect themselves. The progressives are not separate from Democrats, they're part of the new expanded big corrupt Democratic tent.
14/ In reference to Delhi riots & earlier riots/violence happening in India in recent months, watch this video by Indian news agency, OpIndia. The truth is available, it’s just being hidden from the American public by corrupt western media & politicians.
15/ Even now, during the corona pandemic, large sections of the Muslim population are refusing to obey the government mandated lockdown to prevent the spread. They still gather in groups, still go to prayer, and still stone police & even medical personnel. https://twitter.com/IndoreWaleBhiya/status/1245396553495449602?s=20
16/ It's a hard fact we cannot ignore. The “Progressive” left in our government is nothing more than an extension of the corrupt Democratic Party. It's why Bernie will not speak out against the subversion of our democracy & electoral process. Will not speak out against corruption
17/ In western nations, Islam has adopted the left as their political home for easy access due to relaxed liberal values. Polical ideologies behind Islam are opposite of left progressive values. Sharia Law, which they're calling for in areas of Europe, is far right authoritarian.
18/ I’ll end with this video. This is not shot in an Islamic State. These muslims are in Norway. Pick up the Quran, read resources on the internet, it’s time to learn the truth about Islam. Like it or not, it's the fastest growing religion in the world. https://twitter.com/Imamofpeace/status/1241232289201188864?s=20
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