The city of L.A.'s coronavirus anti-eviction rules gives renters a year to repay past due rent once the emergency ends.

But landlords are asking for a lot more — including one that told tenants to turn over their stimulus checks
L.A.'s anti-eviction rules don't require tenants to give their landlords documentation of economic/health reasons for their inability to pay rent — just that tenants should have documents if they go to court.

Here's the ordinance and confirmation from the housing dept. (1/2)
But the city of L.A.'s housing department is encouraging tenants to provide those documents, including bank statements, on their FAQ about this ordinance (h/t to a reader) (2/2)
OK (3/3). While technically that section on the city's housing department's website is talking about affirmative defenses in court, you can see why there'd be some confusion from landlords who are asking for it.
L.A.'s housing department has changed the FAQ on its website and is no longer advising tenants to provide their landlords with bank statements or other financial information within seven days if they're unable to pay rent.
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