Let's review Trump's last 3 years of pandemic priorities:
- he took $150 million from FEMA to block immigrants on Mexican border
- he laid off the White House pandemic response team
- he used $45M/y from FEMA for personal security at his private residents
- took $40M of funding from pandemic early warning initiatives
- laid-off US pandemic expert in Wuhan, China two months before COVID-19 virus
- cut pandemic funding to CDC
- called coronavirus a media/Dem hoax after he was briefed by the military on the seriousness of the virus
- totally ignored his national security council pandemic response plan
- rejected funding in 2018 to build a new surge production machine specifically designed to manufacture 1.5 million N95 masks/day during a pandemic

Most of what Trump has done are the worst things possible to undermine our ability to deal with a pandemic.
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