#cdnmedia feel hurt that Canadians don't necessarily appreciate all the stupid Qs put forward. Boohoo. Perhaps media should look in the mirror for once and make an effort to do a better job. #cdnpoli /1
Most of this silliness however is coming from the 75% of foreign owned media outlets that tend to have a right-wing bias/agenda. IMO their status after the pandemic crisis should be re-evaluated. #cdnpoli /2
Media must make an effort to stop w/ the sensationalism & gotcha journalism but rather concentrate on reporting based on facts and not on self manufactured speculation. Then refrain from turning that speculation into some sort of faux-outrage we've seen all to often. #cdnpoli /3
There are many journalist , mostly independent , that are doing an excellent job taking this crisis seriously and reporting the facts. I applaud those individuals b/c they are doing Canada and Canadians a great service. #cdnpoli
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