the only reason ari aster got away with midsommar (which he has stated is a movie about his breakup with a woman) is because he made himself a woman (pugh). using his version of a break up and pretending it has anything to do with the female experience manipulates his audience
I've heard many call midsommar a female empowerment film. it's not because you can easily switch dani to a male character and it makes no difference. ari aster knew making dani a female rather than a male would trick the audiences into not caring when her boyfriend is r*ped
the film is ABOUT ARI ASTER'S EX GIRLFRIEND. HE IS LITERALLY FLORENCE PUGHS CHARACTER. therefore the whole film is his fantasy of his ex girlfriend getting r*ped and being burnt to death at the end.
take a minute and make jack reynor's character a woman and see how you feel about the end now. male sexual assault is completely brushed over in media and ari aster KNEW he could get away with it
not to mention the way the film demonizes people with bipolar disorder and shows them as burdens and murderers. there is nothing cathartic about midsommar. if you fell for ari aster's pity party of a movie, maybe take a step back and look at the context.
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