Wait - George W Bush in 2005? When he was vacationing in TX + Hurricane Katrina devastated millions of ppl? His response was so incompetent that it allowed the worst of the catastrophe to continue and created new problems. Now he wants to talk about preparations? https://twitter.com/abc/status/1246763683415568384
Everyone cares, and is now outspoken about “government preparation” when it’s not about black lives. Katrina mainly affected the poor + communities of color who have been neglected by their local governments. And Bush and his admin were responsible.
Weather forecasters warned government officials about Katrina’s approach. But THEY WERE NOT READY. Where was Bush’s preparedness spiel then?
George W. Bush in 2005? A hurricane expert at LSU and his team warned the fed govt about Louisiana’s vulnerability to a big storm for years. They scoffed and didn’t believe it was going to happen.
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