I recently realised that Mrs Bennet of Pride and Prejudice (she of the ‘nerves’) could be 39. She’s probably 42 or so.
Jane is 22 and Mrs B married young. Therefore if she was only 40 or so there COULD be a twist to Pride and Prejudice that she has a sixth child, a boy a keeps the house. Sorry Mr Collins!
I mentioned this to the wonderful Fiona Stafford, Austen scholar, and she said ‘yes Kate, how old do you think Lady Catherine de Bourgh is? She has a young daughter.’ The thought of Lady Catherine de Bourgh being 35????? was quite a shock
It’s really very interesting (as with Miss Havisham who was 40) how women who were prob late 30s/early 40s in Austen’s novels have been portrayed since....
Also I rather think that Lady Catherine de Bourgh could definitely get a party started...
Sorry I have lost the tweet of the Dickens scholar who tweeted the shocking insight that Miss H was 40. If anyone has it, please do post it as she was the one who noted this
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