1) Today's short thread is a very small introduction to a very long thread. In it, we reverse directions of our focus. Have you ever turned a pair of binoculars around turning it into a powerful magnifier, as opposed to a mini telescope? That's kind of what we do here. https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1246100621180186624
2) That is, the vast majority of my analysis focuses outward on the greater world of which the MAGA Movement is but a part. We face TREMENDOUS opposition from the swamp, the establishment, Never Trumpers, the MSM, and all the global forces that oppose American values.
3) Very little time has been spent turning inward, to ourselves as individuals. What are our strengths and weaknesses personally, and in our families and local communities? This has not been a major focus. I believe that our current situation demands we turn there now.
4) This vile biological warfare attack by China, against the world and against us, the U.S., has us cooped up in our dwellings, often with the unconstitutional threat of incarceration should we violate government stipulations. My family was already social distancing beforehand.
5) But, we'll come back to constitutional discussions another day. For now, what with our being cooped up in our dwellings, now is the right time to turn inward. This virus will pass. And when it does, we will enter a new stage of our mission in the MAGA Movement.
6) Obviously, we must and shall re-elect @realDonaldTrump. We must obviously strengthen the MAGA membership of the Senate, and reclaim the House. We'll have State and Local elections at every level, and we must progress the MAGA agenda throughout.
7) We'll have to rebuild the Trump Bull Market, the Great Trump Economy, and we must bring it back with a raging power, greater than it was before, and we can. But, in all this, each of us will have a part to play...as individuals, and as families. Now is the time to turn there.
8) Here's a single example. There will be death and devastation coming out of this pandemic. Those who survive must help each other. This will take extraordinary strength, a different kind of strength than has ever been asked of us before.
9) War Footing that we're on, our hearts naturally turn back to WWII, and the greatest generation. We also turn back to the Great Depression of the 30s, which in real part forged that generation's strength, it hardened them. This is our moment, to face the same hardening.
10) If you decide to enter this journey with me, be prepared to go slowly, over the long thread above. It may take more than one attack, and when finished, more than one reading. In coming posts, I'll share ideas for direct application, and conversation at home.
11) As always, if you find the journey worthwhile, by all means, do please retweet, and more, discuss this thread with your friends and in your DM rooms. In AA they employ an amazing term: a searching and fearless moral inventory. I love that term. That's what we're looking for.
12) So, please allow me to invite you to join me on this inward journey. I believe our nation and this moment demand it of us. If you agree, do let me know. Take your time, and dive deeply within. You'll find it a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom. I promise.
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