Military Intelligence gave UP Police Intel about 12 members of #TablighiJamat hiding in a mosque near Lucknow Cantonment. 12 Jamat members were found hiding after a Police raid. All 12 were later found positive for #CoronaVirus. All were part of Nizamuddin Markaz. FIR lodged.
Photographs of Alizan Mosque near Sadar Bazar near Lucknow Cantonment where Military Intelligence found food packets being silently delivered to some non-locals hiding in a mosque. Cops were alerted and prompt action was taken. Area well sanitised by local administration.
FIR that was registered by UP Police under six sections including 188, 269, 270 & 271 in Lucknow after raid on a mosque in Sadar Bazar next to Lucknow Cantt where 12 members of the #TableeghiJamaat were found hiding. Probe underway. 12 hiding were later tested #COVID19 positive.
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