This thread will be where I put together a global theory I have. Work in progress. Trying to puzzle together what I've been collecting through experience for years. Words are just to represent certain realities. Global north= the west. Global South = non-western countries.
Global north = ego of the planet as a means of surviving being disconnected from the core of the earth. Masculine. Intellect as a replacement of earth. Structure. Container. Frameworks to manage movement. Control.
Intellect used to police instead of usher in. Skepticism to life. Derealization. Absence.
Global South = trauma from imposed restrictions and rules from global north. Disconnection from self. Erosion of functioning ego. Feminine. Codependency on global north - Inferiority as a result. Movement. Connection. Horizontal. Inability to self-regulate.
Leaders operating from amygdala, hijacking higher thought and functioning to mitigate danger. Hypervigilance. Creativity used for coping with what is instead of creating what could be. No space for capacity building. Groundlessness.
Africa is poor despite resources bc of soul loss related to collective trauma
Wherever there's violence there's conflict due to trauma triggering self-preservation. But bc there's no 'self', the preservation is to annihilate other selves.
Upper chakras = connection to self. Blocks to this is ego/self-preservation in the lower chakras. i.e. materialism as replacement of grounding

Lower chakras = connection to others. Blocks to this is trauma/loss of connection to the soul/divine. Materialism as the only potential
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