Motive's plan:
-Delaying season 3 to 2021(they will use the project as an excuse).
-Earth's contract is gonna end and he won't resign with MV as he should.
-They will blame E for not resigning with them and will have to recast Wayo which will cause more delays +
And those fans that don't care about Earth will use that as a way to hate on him even though it's all Motive's fault.
-They wanna keep Earth in their company bc that's the only way they can control him. +
-They know Earth wants to take on the role of Wayo in season 3 so they will use that as a tactic to keep him trapped in MV.

Bc they think we're idiots! They think we will believe them when they say they treated Earth well and he left MV bc he didn't want to be Wayo anymore.
Remember this thread when MV announces season 3 will be "delayed"
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