My thread on a paper by @NitashaKaul who writes subverted views on Kashmir to aid separatism smartly ignoring #KashmiriPandits genocide by rallying only isolated atrocities on civilians. The idea is clear J&K needs to be a separate Islamic state #Thread
The summation of her ideas in pictures acc to @NitashaKaul the idea of Bharat Mata is a cartographic imagination and @RSSorg is an organization interested to possess the feminine Kashmir by force. The Kashmiri Islamic separatism is totally ignored in whole paper @DrJitendraSingh
No Hindu can justify acts of violence on civilians by military but instead of resolving things on table people like @NitashaKaul justify acts of BurhanWani. The result is just crossfire and dialog will never start. #Covid19India #TablighiJamat
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