I'm usually in the "keep your cards close to your chest" camp. Talking about my dreams is scary bc 1) I immediately imagine people internally rolling their eyes/snorting and thinking *that'll never happen*...
And 2) I believe that if someone has enough negative energy at the thought of my success, that can get in the way.

But I also think there can be strength in saying dreams and putting them out into the universe, so...
I want to write the sort of books that people love so much they write fanfiction and draw fanart. I want to become the sort of bestseller where, if I've got a good idea, I don't have to worry about whether I'll ever sell another book to a publisher again, it's a done deal.
These are probably the dreams of all authors literally everywhere, but for some reason I never wanted to admit that they are my dreams, too, and now I have, and that feels good.
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