Why so called "Woke" new generation is so much against Indian culture?

The reason is - Whatever we experience leaves an impression on our mind which our texts call "Sanskar", these Sanskars in a way induce mind to act in a certain way.
For example, if you eat some food and you find it tasty, next time you will want to eat same food, similarly when you see Adv. Of some product on TV your mind will induce you to buy that same thing in market
When Youth of our generation see western shows, movies etc, they think that's the ideal way to live and it leaves an impression on their mind that those practices are superior to ours, when their parents tell them things which is against those impressions, they go against them.
They start to hate their parents, and everything they say, Parents say you should wake up early, children will refuse why? Because they have seen some random web series where peple remain awake till late night and were happy, this impression however illogical still persists.
The sources of Sanskars are many, friends, TV, Social media, books etc etc.
These Sanskars accumulate over the years. Earlier sources of Sanskars were limited that's why teachings of parents were prominent source of Sanskars, now Social media is the prominent source.
This is the exact reason why we see so many "woke" and culture hating bigots from our generation who can even use bad words for their parents. So strong are their foreign Sanskars.
However these Sanskars do not compel a person to act in a way. They just induce, so a strong minded person will not be influenced by them but weak minded will. To make our mind strong meditation is mandatory, but people of our generation think that's too regressive.
Upnishadas says-

"केनेषितं पतति प्रेषितं मनः" mind will be induced by but it must be controlled by reason and logic
"बुद्धिं तु सारथिं विद्धि मनः प्रग्रहमेव च"
So to control mind a person must use Buddhi or reason.
In conclusion, mind always runs after things that can give us happiness on base of past Sanskaras, we must use reason to control our mind.

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