“After 12 days a threshold is crossed”: Men who work in Udyog Vihar at India s largest manufacturing and export firms
“Big firm like to extract four hours production in two hours. Night after night. But it won’t pay wages two three days earlier” Tailors and other workers Udyog Vihar
“I work in a export firm that employs 1000. Some days work goes on 12-15 hours, 9am to 9/10/11pm if not let off at 6 pm. I worked overtime every Sunday last month. I earned Rs 9,950” (this is half of what is India’s living wage as per central pay commission)
Chandra Pal: “I worked 8 years hired through a contracto sweeping at Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon at Rs8500, pay was delayed, I joined a firm 7months back. They pay 9400. Have 1000 saved at home” The pay is half monthly pay recommended by the 7th Pay Commission of 18,000 as living wage
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