Can’t shake the feeling that the narrative of lockdown is being written by and for people with comfortable middle class lifestyles. #coronavirusuk
Working from home is pictures of Apple Macbooks on kitchen tables backlit with sunlight streaming through a french window that looks out onto a beautiful garden, where the only problem is your WiFi speed or the books on display during your video conferencing... #coronavirusuk
People with gardens rage at people living in flats with no balcony or outside space available to them who take the chance to get some sun #coronavirusuk
People with large living rooms and kitchens post about how great their latest online exercise or yoga class has been whilst others ponder another week trapped in a space barely big enough to swing a cat round... #coronavirusuk
It’s hard for everyone but this not equality of misery #coronavirusuk
I should add I live in a flat with a balcony and decent WiFi etc etc. But I’m not making people sitting in the sun for an hour public enemy number one #coronavirusuk
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