The Battle for Planet Earth is reaching a climax as opposing forces try to use the “coronavirus pandemic” to achieve their agendas. The liberation forces are using the lockdown as an opportunity to arrest senior Khazarian Mafiosi, while the Satanists are hoping-1👇
to vaccinate and microchip the general public back into submission, multiple sources agree. It’s almost as if reality is bifurcating, with one version filled with fear and death and other in breathless anticipation of planetary liberation.-2👇
First, let’s look at what the white hats are saying. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prince Charles of the UK and many others will be or have been “coronavirused” (arrested)-3👇
according to CIA and Pentagon white hats. One CIA source says: “They are putting out disinformation to keep this as classified as possible.” Merkel is going to have a third test and Macron also tests positive. This is code for they are being removed.-4👇
“Abe is going to collapse the country’s economy because he works directly for the cabal so he has to be removed. (Since this is the age of deep fake computer graphics, here in Japan I will keep in touch with press ID carrying colleagues to see if the real Abe vanishes”-5👇
Pentagon sources agree and say, “regime change may also happen in Japan as Shinzo was forced to delay the Tokyo Olympics for one year.” Maybe it’s the fear of American assassins coming for Abe that has prompted Japan-6👇
to consider an entry ban on all American citizens.
In any case, a purge has clearly accelerated inside the U.S. Pentagon sources say:-Also, truckers have been ordered to not deliver to New York as [U.S. President Donald] Trump 7👇
personally went to Norfolk,Virginia to send off USNS Comfort to NY.”Now let us look at what the dark side is up to. In the video at the link below, starting around the 15:20 mark,Bill Gates is calling for only people who have a vaccination certificate to be allowed to travel.-8👇

NSA sources confirm this and say the cabal is hoping to get the sheeple to show up at the local Walmart to get vaccinated and micro-chipped in exchange for receiving “digital wallets.”-9👇
This is serious folks, do not let them scare you into being vaccinated because I guarantee you any vaccine they provide will be worse than whatever it is they say they are going to protect you from.-10👇
U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden was probably telling the truth when he said, “We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.”The key battle to watch over the coming days will not be the one against the “pandemic”-11👇
though, it will be the one over control of the financial system and thus the planet. On this front, any veteran market expert will tell you what is happening now is beyond a black swan event.-12👇
Anyway, to understand why the planet is now moving into historically uncharted territory take a look at this NASA…
…video of activity around the sun. I do not usually write about space stuff but this was sent to me by several trusted sources.-15👇
It appears to show the solar system undergoing some sort of fundamental shift. OK, enough space stuff for now. Regardless of whether cosmic forces are involved or not, what we are seeing for sure is a battle between fiat and reality backed money that will determine-16👇
the future of this planet.
The controllers of the old system with its G20, IMF, World Bank, and United Nations are pumping out trillions upon trillions of dollars in an attempt to keep their control grid intact.-17👇
It is being advertised as well that the U.S. Treasury Department has taken over the Fed and will be handing out money to the common man. However, as Catherine Austin Fitts notes, ( a former high-level establishment insider)-18👇
control of the trillions of dollars being pumped out by the FED has been given to arch-cabal company Blackrock. “The guy who runs Blackrock was going to be Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury. I used to work with Blackrock. NO PATRIOTS THERE!,” she tweets.-19👇
Despite the increasingly desperate FED adding ever more zeroes to their promised numbers, their helicopter money is increasingly getting out of touch with reality. Creating dollars out of thin air means nothing to real-world/20👇
financial system that is smelting Asian off ledger gold. This is especially interesting since three Chinese warships just sailed into Sydney harbor, apparently without the knowledge of the Australian military. Has China just seized control of Australia?-23👇
The Russians have also made a huge move by de facto seizing the world’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela. The Russian government now owns them. This means any move by the Washington DC regime to seize/24👇
Venezuelan oil will lead to war with nuclear-armed Russia. 
The FED is now obviously losing control of the petrodollar as the price of some grades of oil is falling to $4 per barrel. Experts are now predicting oil prices to go negative as the world
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