✨Last Night: A KiriBaku Thread✨

Alpha Katsuki is a hard worker with a good job, a good home, and a seven year old daughter. And ever so often, he likes to take a break, get drunk, and come home.

One night, he doesn't go home alone.

And then it's all downhill from there.
/Flashing lights./

/The burn of a good, strong liquor./

/The overwhelming scent of repressed pheromones./

/The steady beat of loud, wordless music./

/Too many bodies pushing against his own./




/More dancing./

/Blond hair./
/A body pushing against his own./


/A woman?/

/Cute. Brown eyes. Pale skin./



/No patches./

/No scent./



/A drunk smile./

/A kiss./

/Wandering hands, pushing slowly under his shirt as they grind together./

/Smell that?/


/Dodge clumsily grabbing hands./

/Fresh grass./

/Open air./


/Push through the crowd./




/Rain gently falling off of leaves onto the soft ground below./



/Flowing movements./

/Tanned skin./

/Red hair./


/Red eyes./

/Full, plump lips./

/A sharp smile./



/No patches./







/Pull closer./

/A growl./

/Red eyes blow wide./

/Parted lips exhaling a shaky breath against his own./

/A kiss./




/Another kiss./



/Small hands digging into his hair, clenching tight./

/A moan./


/A snarl./

/A soft, wet tongue./


/A bite at his neck./

/A whisper in his ear./

"Wanna take me home, Alpha?"

/A blur./


/His front door./

/Omega pressed against it./


/Too busy kissing./


/The scent of slick./


/Stumbling into the house./

/The slam of a door./

/More kisses./

/Shoes off./

/Heavy panting./


/The rip of fabric./

/The low omega croon of approval./

/A growl./





/Omega slick./



/Tastes like a dream./
/A moan./

/Hands fisting his hair./

/Dragging him closer./

/A moan./

/The taste of rain on his tongue as he moves away./

/Another kiss./

/A hand eagerly grabbing his erection./

/Guiding it to where it's needed most./

/A thrust./

/A cry of pleasure./

/The headboard, slamming against the wall./

/Nails dragging down his back./

/High, desperate whines in his ear./

/Strong legs, wrapped around his waist./


/Wet. Tight./





/Arching beneath him./

/Moaning for him./


/A growl of warning./

/An answering moan./




/Almost there./

/A soft hand, reaching between them to rub quick circles against his clit./

/Breathless gasps./

/A sob./

/Tight. Tight. Tight tight tighttighttighttighttight-/
/A wail./






/Pumping his omega full of his seed./

/A strained groan./

/Shaking arms./


/Collapsing into open arms./

/A soft moan./


/Eyelids heavy./

/Soft chest against his cheek./

/Deep breaths./

/A chest rising and falling./

/A strong heartbeat in his ear./

/Thump thump./

/Thump thump./

/Thump thump./


/Body heavy./

/Eyelids dropping./

/A soft sigh./

/A sleepy mumble./

"Good Alpha..."

/A hum./

/Good Alpha./

/Eyes closing./

❗Please QRT the thread!❗
The first thing that Katsuki wakes up to is a /blinding/ headache. It honest to God feels as though his brain is going to melt and fall out of his ears at any second.

The second thing that he wakes up to is an insistent finger poking at his cheek.
"Akino, stop it, Daddy's tired," He mumbles around a mouthful of cotton and bad decisions, not even bothering to open his eyes.

"Oooh, I like it when you call youself Daddy. Say it again," a voice purrs that is definitely /not/ Akino.

"Fucking Denki," he groans, rolling away.
"You guessed it," Denki chirps cheerfully, making Katsuki wanna smack him. "But I'm not the only one!"

"Rise and shine, big guy!" Sero crows, followed by the bounce of the bed as he jumps onto it.

Katsuki only groans louder, the sudden sway making his closed eyes cross.
"Ooooooh, somebody got /laid/ last night. It smells like straight /Omega/," Mina yells somewhere off to his right, and honestly, he could just blow all three of the fuckers up.

"Why are you /here/?" He groans loudly over their yelling.

"Ask Mina," Sero replies cheerfully.
"She called us both this morning and told us to get ready for an adventure," Denki chimes in.

"Only because Ochako called after she dropped off Akino and told me to get everyone and come over," Mina adds.



Drop off Akino.

His eyes snap open, crusty with sleep.
"I didn't open the door for Ochako this morning."


"But Ochako said that she dropped Akino off," Mina says slowly.

Any reply is cut off by the sudden blast of music from downstairs, mixed in with the sound of Akino's bubbling laugh.
As well as a light, masculine laugh that sounds both terrifyingly strange and hauntingly familiar.

There is a brief pause where no one even breathes, and then all of them are scrambling for the bedroom door.
"How the fuck did all of you walk past a /stranger in my house/?" Katsuki hisses as they stumble downstairs.

"We came through the back door!"

Katsuki is the first one to the living room, and what he sees stops him cold.
On their TV, J/ust D/ance is on, and some stupid T/aylor S/wift song is playing from their speakers. Akino is there, busting out the same dance moves that she's practiced every weekend since he'd bought her the game.

And next to her is the most stunning Omega he's ever seen.

That's the first thing he sees.

Red hair, spilling across wide shoulders.

He's short, like most Omega are, but he's...firm. Muscular. Stocky! That's the word he's looking for. If he was taller, he could easily pass for more of an Alpha than most Alphas.
His scent is giving him away, as well. The smell of rain and grass, relaxing in a way he's never known, mixed with Katsuki's own campfire smoke and cinnamon pheromones.

He's wearing one of Katsuki's business shirts, and a pair of tight, black boxers, covering a bouncing ass.
He's also doing /terribly/ in the game, but he's laughing with each missed move and wrong step, flashing ridiculously sharp teeth.

Katsuki can't thing of a single thing to say.

(Un)luckily, his friends have got him covered.

"God /damn/, Katsuki," Mina whistles.
"Good Lord, would you look at the ass on him," Denki chimes in softly, his golden eyes glued to every bounce.

"Dudee, I gotta go to more clubs," Sero says.

He wants to bite them all.


Akino abandons the game, her score nearly perfect, to run into his arms.
The omega is left trying his hardest to win, but honestly, Akino is so far ahead that it's 100% a lost cause.

"Daddy! He's great! He's perfect! I can't believe you found another one so soon," Akino says loudly, her small arms wrapping around his neck. "And he's way better!"
Katsuki has never been more confused in all 29 years of his life.

Baby life included.

The Omega chooses that moment to stumble over, wheezing and holding his side.

Katsuki can sympathize. He'd had that same stitch in his side when Akino made /him/ play.
"Good morning, boss!" He says cheerfully, flashing a grin that, honestly, could probably blind someone if used improperly. "Glad you're up! I had to meet Akino as her /new babysitter/ all by myself!"

"Wh-? Oh. /Oh/! Right! Of course!" Katsuki says, his sleepy mind struggling.
Right. He's been meaning to find a new babysitter since Ochako had been given another shift at work, and the last babysitter had been fired for being weird.

He doesn't care what anyone says, there is such a thing as being /too/ crusty, and Shigaraki is /beyond/ it.
"Daddy, Kirishima can make pancakes!" Akino tells him excitedly, her little feet kicking against his side.


His name is Kirishima.

And his laugh is like the sun coming out from behind the clouds, bright and beautiful.

"I sure can, little one," he says teasingly.
"Unfortunately, that's about all I can make. That, and the best bowl of ramen you've ever had."

Akino gasps, her eyes sparkling.

"I love ramen!"

"Me too!"

"Why don't you have on pants?" Denki asks, suddenly and very loudly.

Katsuki stomps on his foot.
"Kirishima said that last night, they got torn off by a monster, but I don't believe him because Daddy says monsters aren't real," Akino says factually.

The Alpha has a sudden, vivid flashback to his claws ripping through fabric to reveal strong, tanned legs.
Behind him, Sero snorts loudly into his elbow, and Kirishima flushes with a loud, awkward laugh.

"Yeah! Yep! Big monster. Huge. Totally ruined 'em."
"Oh, I'm sure he was a behemoth," Mina says with a shit eating grin, and this time both Sero and Denki lose it off to the side.

Katsuki has never had worse friends.

"Anyways," he says loudly over their mirth, "Akino, baby, Daddy hasn't interviewed Mr. Kirishima yet, so he can-"
"Oh! Oh! Can I do it?" She yells, her hand shooting into the air like she's in school.

He wants to say no, he really does, but how can he when she's blinking those big puppy eyes at him.

She learned that shit from fucking Deku.

"...Sure, baby."
She goes limp immediately, and he struggles not to straight up drop her, his arms still half asleep and definitely still hungover.

"Okay, Mr. Kirishima, go sit on the couch," she demands, her hands on her little hips, face stern.

Kirishima salutes, his face as serious as hers.
"Yes, ma'am!" He says firmly before about facing to march to the couch.

The look that Akino throws over her shoulder is positively delighted, enthralled with her apparent authority, and Katsuki so very badly wants to squish her baby fat cheeks.
But at the same time, he's impressed with how natural this Kirishima seems to be around children. It shows a long relationship with taking care of kids.

He and his friends are silent, watching the two settle on the couch.
Akino clears her throat loudly, her fuzzy blond pigtails bobbing as she straightens out her shoulders to make herself look bigger.

It's more amusing than intimidating, but Kirishima puts on a practiced look of nervousness.

"So, tell me about yourself," She says primly.
Kirishima straightens as well, flashing his sun bright smile.

"My name is Kirishima Eijirou, ma'am! I'm a 21 year old Omega with a degree in childcare," he says, his chest puffing up with pride.

Kirishima Eijirou.

His Omega - /the/ Omega's name is Kirishima Eijirou.
Akino nods slowly, her little face pinched as she thinks of her next question.

"Mr. Kirishima, do you like unicorns?"

Katsuki sighs softly, scrubbing a hand across his face.

Fucking Christ.

"I /adore/ unicorns," Kirishima replies without missing a beat.
Akino lights up immediately before trying to smother it with her somber interview expression.

"I see."

"I'm dying, I love her, I'm gonna steal her," Mina whispers fiercely, her eyes bright with both adoration and kidnapping intent.

"Take her, she's feral," Katsuki snorts.
"Well, like father, like daughter."

"Do you know how to braid hair?"

Kirishima nods enthusiastically. "Yes! I can do a /lot/ of super cute hairstyles, including French braids and fishtail braids."

Akino whips around to look at Katsuki, her eyes wide with excitement.
"He can do French braids," she whisper yells, as if somehow that will prevent Kirishima from hearing every word that she says.

"I heard," he whisper yells back, cupping a hand over his mouth like it's a secret.
She turns around to face Kirishima again, who schools his face into one of indifference in just the nick of time.

"Do you like painting nails?"

"Absolutely. I can even do styles. Only some though.

"What about toes?"

"Yup! Even toes."

Wow, this guy actually was perfect.
Katsuki frowned thoughtfully, crossing his arms over his bare chest. It may have been an accident how they met, but now Katsuki it thinking that it could possibly be fate.

None of Akino's previous babysitters had /half/ the experience this guy has.
And he's not talking school, he's talking practical.

"Okay," Akino says, clapping her hands loudly. "Final question! How do you feel...about kissing?"

Kirishima hums slowly, holding a hand to his chin as he thinks.

"...I think...kissing is disgusting."

"Damn, Blasty, I didn't know your kisses were that bad," Denki joked, elbowing him lightly with a grin.

Katsuki scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Eat my knot, my kissing skills are fucking amazing."

"I think it's nasty, too!" Akino yells, bouncing on the couch
"Daddy says that someday I'm gonna wanna kiss someone all the time!"

Kirishima gasps, scandalized as one hand flies to his chest.



"Your Daddy sounds like a poop head," the omega replies firmly, nodding his head up and down as Akino bursts into giggles.
"Hah?" Katsuki calls out indignantly.

"Nothing!" Both Kirishima and Akino call out before dissolving into more laughter.


Two children.

Well five children if he includes the assholes laughing behind him as well.

He sighs rolling his eyes, and catches sight of the time.
"Oi, squirt, go get dressed! It's time for piano class."

Akino groans loudly, but is already obediently sliding off of the couch. "But Daaaad, I don't /wanna/ go to piano class! Mrs. Kinomoto smells like old cheese!"

"Hey! Be nice, she's a good teacher," he replies.
"Besides, how are you gonna be a professional "M/y L/ittle P/ony" theme song pianist if you don't learn?"

She grumbled, but heads to the stairs, waving over her shoulder.

"See you later, Mr. Kirishima!"

"Bye, Akino," he calls back with a grin and a wave of his own.
As soon as she's out of earshot, he turns back to him.

"A big monster ripped up your pants?" He drawls, cocking a blond eyebrow.

Kirishima shrugs his shoulders. "You try coming up with a lie that would let me get away with wearing no pants without questions."
He's right. If he had said anything about his pants being upstairs, Akino what have either asked him why they were upstairs, or why he wasn't wearing them.

He sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face for the millionth time that day.

"Fine, I'll give you that one."
"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Blasty not be right," Sero jokes.

"Except with Ochako," Denki replies with a snort.

"Hi! Nice to meet you, Kirishima! I'm Mina Ashido," Mina chirps happily, shoving past him to hold out a hand. "Fellow omega, and member of Blasty's pack."
"I don't claim them," Katsuki butts in.

"He's lying, he loves us," Mina says with a wave of her hand. "Anyways, you already met my mate this morning, Ochako!"

Kirishima lights up with a grin. "Oh yeah! She was /super/ nice, you really lucked out."
Katsuki scoffs. "No one in their right mind would call that demon 'nice'. She's just as feral as the rest of them."

"You know, words hurt Katsuki," Denki says, wiping away a fake tear.

"Not as much as this does," he replies, whipping out a hand to twist his nipple roughly.
Sero slides over, holding out a hand.

"I'm Hanta Sero," he says over Denki's loud yelling. "And that idiot that Katsuki is violating is Denki Kaminari. We're all pack mates."

"Nice to meet you," Kirishima says slowly, his wide eyes focused on the two blonds.
He had originally been scared of the blond Alpha and his serious face, but apparently the man was more playful than he let on.

If playful meant pinching your pack mate's nipples til he cried.

"Uncle! Uncle!" Denki was yelling, slapping at large hands.
"That's 'Alpha' to you!" The other cackles madly, forcing the other into a wicked headlock that makes him screech.

"And, of course, you already know our Bakugou," Mina finishes with a wave of her hands.

Jazz hands included.

Kirishima nods, pushing his hair behind one ear.
Bakugou, huh...

Akino suddenly appears in the room again, seemingly unbothered by her father and - uncle's? - loud yelling and struggling to yank a large tote towards them by the handle.

"I can get that for you!" Kirishima chirps, hurrying over.

"Oh! Thank you, Mr. Kirishima!"
He grabs it from her and tries to lift, only to find that it's /much/ heavier than he first thought.

"Geez, what's in here?" He asks her curiously.

"Hair stuff!" She exclaims happily. "Daddy can only do ponytails and pigtails, so I /never/ get to use the really good stuff."
Kirishima frowns at the box, before squating down to grab the box from underneath. "How did you even get this down here?"

"Really patiently," she responds with a somber nod.

What a cute kid.

He grunts as he heaves the box into the air, his thigh and arm muscles tensing.
It's not nearly as heavy once he gets it into the air, maybe 40 pounds, but it's still a significant weight.

"Holy shit," he hears behind him.

He turns around to see the other adults in the room staring at him with shocked eyes.

"You're /really/ strong, huh?" Sero asks curiously, poking at his arms, which are now flexing as he wanders over to deposit the box next to the couch.

"Oh, for sure!" Kirishima replies with a blinding grin. "I work out nearly everyday, and when I don't workout, I go for runs!"
"This box is practically nothing. I bench /way/ more than this."

"What does 'bench' mean?" Akino asks curiously.

"It means that I can lift a lot of weight because I practice a lot," Kirishima explains patiently.

"How much?" Denki asks from his headlock.

"Almost 350 pounds!"
"Hear that, Blasty? Kirishima could bench /you/," Mina teases, poking a finger into the blond's cheek.

All of his pack mates had seen the way that he'd frozen when Kirishima'd lifted the box like it was nothing, red eyes locked on his clenching thighs.
And really, who could blame him?

Kirishima was /stacked/.

"Shut up," the blond mumbles back.

"So, Akino, you obviously have a plan," Kirishima says with a teasing smile.

Akino nods vigorously.

"I do! It's the practical portion of the interview."
"The practical portion?"

"Uh huh! Daddy always says that talk is talk, but actions are facts, and that anyone who can't back up talk with proof is a waste of your fucking time."


"Sorry, Daddy!"

But Kirishima just laughs loudly.
"Your Daddy sounds like a very smart man for someone who likes kissing," he whispers, causing Akino to giggle.

"Daddy is /super/ smart, and the best at everything! And he says that I'm gonna be super smart and the best at everything, too!"
"I don't doubt it! Now let's get you set up with something nice for your piano lesson, huh?"


He doesn't take long knowing that she has to leave soon, not even glancing at the multiple accessories in the bright pink box.
Thankfully her hair, while long and wild looking, is soft and easily managed into a quick fishtail braid, which he indulgently tops with a white, lacy bow that Akino is already holding after she tells him that it's her favorite one.

It doesn't even take ten minutes.
"There!" he says proudly, grabbing the hand mirror from the box and handing it to her.

The little girl squeals something fierce, angling her head this way and that while jumping around excitedly.

Kirishima grins brightly, very proud of his handiwork. Akino is nothing like the squirmers that he usually deals with, so the braid actually looks pretty decent for once.

"I'm glad you like it! And if your Daddy keeps me, I'll show you the /really/ complicated ones!"
"That's not one of the really complicated ones?!" Mina whispers as Akino runs off for her coat and shoes, in awe over the pristine skill the other omega had demonstrated. She has half a mind to ask him to do her next.

Katsuki is looking too, and he's thoroughly impressed.
Kirishima really seems to know what he's doing, and based on what he's seen, he does it exceedingly well.

"What kind of job did you say you had again?" He questions.

"I actually didn't, but now that you ask, I was a secretary at All For One Private School."
All For One Private Academy. One of the most elite schools in the district, despite catering to only Alphas. They turned out only the best of the best in multiple employment venues, and any family would be lucky to have their child attend.

Kirishima's mouth twists from a friendly grin to a twisted, disdainful sneer in an instant, curling up over his fangs in a way that makes Katsuki shiver.

"I was recently /dismissed/ from work due to my 'hostile and violent tendencies'."
"I'm assuming that's bullshit," Sero states.

The omega snorts softly, packing up Akino's hair box and setting it to the side.

"It's more than bullshit. I was defending myself."

"Defending yourself from who?" Katsuki demands.
"Some knot head of a teacher named Shindou Yo. I've never met someone so arrogant in my life. Always pestering me while I was working, asking about my personal life, trying to get me alone. I could barely breathe."

Katsuki has to bite back a growl.
If there's one thing he hates, it's an Alpha that doesn't know how to take no for an answer. The fact that it's Kirishima specifically is irrelevant.

"I made sure to always be around some of the other omega staff, as well as some of the nicer Alphas, but one day he caught me."
Kirishima's voice is filled with disgust and anger, but he sits tall and proud as he tells his story.

"I was in the break room after school getting my lunch box from the fridge, and he came up behind me and touched me in a way I definitely did /not/ consent to, asking me if I -
-was ready to finally act like a proper Omega and take his knot."

Katsuki /actually/ growls at that, fierce and loud and backed by his equally offended pack mates, but Kirishima just waves them off.

"Don't bother. I think the broken arm and stomped on knot finally clued him -
in that I wasn't particularly interested," He says with a proud, unapologetic grin.

/Omega strong.../

He twitches almost unnoticeably, shocked as his Alpha's pleased voice seeps into his brain. He hasn't heard from /that/ side of himself in a while.
Not since Akino's mom.

He shakes himself, tuning in to the conversation that's currently being held around him.

"-come you had a secretary job?" Mina is currently asking.

Kirishima shrugs.

"The pay was good, and I have bills and student loans."

He jolts, glancing at the clock with a loud curse.

"Coming, baby!" He yells, jogging towards the stairs.

But not before peeking back in one more time.

"Kirishima, stay. I wanna talk more about your qualifications. Everyone else, get out of my house."
He leaves them complaining loudly to run upstairs to throw on a clean pair of sweats over yesterday's boxers and a shirt, snagging his wallet, keys, and phone from the night stand before heading back down.

"Out," he shouts at his pack mates, shooing them to the door.
"You can talk to him later, get the fuck out!"

Kirishima just watches all with amusement, waving at them with one of those bright, sunshine grins that Katsuki is slowly becoming addicted to.

"Bye! Have good days!"

Fuck, he was cute.
"I'll be back in about twenty minutes," he says as he slips into a pair of well worn sneakers and grabs his jacket from the closet. "Make yourself at home? There's food and stuff, and if you want to shower, you can wear my clothes when you get out, I don't mind."
Kirishima is nodding along to his every word, nibbling on his bottom lip shyly.

"If you have any kind of documents of resumes stored in your phone, pull them up. I would like to see them, along with any other information you might have."
All dressed, and holding Akino's hand, he turns to the Omega, meeting his eyes.

"I don't think those things will change my mind though. You've more than demonstrated your talk with facts, and Akino already likes you. I think it's safe to say you've got the job."
Kirishima bites down on another grin, his eyes blazing with victory.

"I won't let you down, Mr. Bakugou!"

"Katsuki. I think we're past 'Mr. Bakugou' by now, don't you?"

"Katsuki, then. And please, call me Eijirou!"
"Well then, see you in about half an hour, Eijirou."


He closes and locks the door, pulling a skipping Akino to the car to be buckled into her car seat.

"I like him!" she says, fingering the end of her braid with a small grin.
Katsuki presses a kiss to her forehead and pulls back to close the door.

"You and me both, kiddo."
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