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Rewatching some scenes I realised that many things that Neco said/did to mess with Fatos turned against him later or happened in a way he did not expect.
Ep4: ''There are so many things in my mind I will show you all of them one by one.''-Neco threatens Fatos
EP7: Ironically he does show her later when he breaks down his most hidden thoughts, his vulnerabilities and his pain at dealing with his family.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep4: ''You're sitting in my sister's room. No one beats you or swears at you''-says Neco when he bring her food the same way she did.
Ep8: Neco talks big, but when Fatos is in his place he does not enjoy it. He is worried she has not eaten LOL and uncuffs her hands.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep4: ''You're not bad at all. For a girl from the suburbs''-he makes fun of Fatos with backhanded compliments.
Ep9: When he is vulnerable he tells her what he really thinks of her, that she is beautiful inside and out: ''You're good'', ''you're the most beautiful''
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep 4: ''Fatos where to? First you give me hope then you abandon me''-he does not care about her at this point, just about being a good boy for the family.
Ep 9: ''Don't go''-Neco realises that he needs Fatos in his life, he is happy she is back.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep 4: ''Don't worry. I will take good care of Fatos.''-he tells Hasan. We know is not serious.
Ep: ''My love for you is so big I will take care of you and your baby''-I bet Neco never thought the day will come when he will be ready to do anything to protect Fatos.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep4: ''I wanted to buy a gift for my wife''-Neco mocks Fatos and tries to make her uncomfortable.
Ep11: He brings her a rose to their ''date''. A small gesture, but he is honest this time.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep5: ''I still can't get used to you being in this house girl.''-he says the day they get married.
Ep11: Seems like you got used to it Neco. Now your room feels empty without Fatos.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep5: ''Let go! I will leave you in a way you will stay like that after it''-he threatens Fatos (idiot)
Ep11: ''It was hard for me to leave you behind today. I said to myself let her go, but my heart does not say so''.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep 5: Neco enjoys seeing Neslihan try to intimidate Fatos.
Ep 8: He is bothered when is his mother threatens Fatos' life.
What happened Neco?😂
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep5: ''I won't touch you even if you beg me'' LOL
Ep7: ''I want to touch you, I want you to touch me too''
Seem like you did try to touch her Neco and got shot for it.
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep7: ''I don't know what you did to me, but I feel like a different man around you''-he is horny and messing with her. He does not know he is telling the truth.
Ep11: ''I'm in love with you Fatos.''
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep7: ''One day they will ask for a baby. What will we do then?''-this is so funny now. I don't know if this was intentional on the writers part or just a throwaway line.
Ep11: ''I'm pregnant''
#Ramo #NecFat
Ep8: ''Don't be so happy. I think my absence will upset you''-he jokes when he tells Fatos she will go home.
Ep 11: turns out he's the one who is missing Fatos. He is so lonely fighting with Fatos was probably the highlight of his day in that house.
#Ramo #NecFat
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