How the Tablighee Jamaat in India is being vilified to ultimately spread more hatred against Muslims:

A comprehensive thread (1/n)
There are several questions being raised. I will note those questions:

1. Why did TJ people came to India?

2. Why did they conduct an ijtema?

3. Why did they travel to other parts of the country?

4. Why did they stay in the Markaz?

5. Why did they not cooperate with the police?

6. Why did they spit on people, roam naked, molest nurses?

Let me answer these questions:

1. TJ travel all the time all over the world. India gradually started barring the entry of foreigners from 13th March and banned incoming International flights from 22nd March. TJ people were ALREADY living here.

2. The ijtema is a regularly ongoing activity at TJ Markaz. The last ijtema was conducted on 14th March, one day after this avisory by the government, and eight days before the clapping and banging utensils festival.

3. The TJ people travel all over the world. They traveled when everyone was traveling. They stopped traveling when everyone stopped traveling, after the PM announced a complete lockdown on 23rd March, and they got stuck wherever they were, just like everyone else.

4. The markaz has a hostel of the capacity of 2000 for the people coming in from all over the world and it is full at any given point of time. After the lockdown, they followed the order of the PM and stayed in the Markaz.

5. TJ informed Delhi Police which is next to their building about these people. They gave a comprehensive list of everyone staying in the Markaz and requested the police to help them. Why the police did not act earlier? No mystery there.

6. They did not spit, roam n-ked, m-lest nurses. Till now there is no evidence. Where are the CCTV footage or the recordings? It is just a propaganda.

The question no one seems to be asking:

1. Why the gov did not stop issuing visas to foreigners much earlier?

2. Why the gov did not do proper screening at the airports?

3. Why DP did not take any action earlier?

4. Where are the proof for the allegations?

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