** Thread for those trying to access priority food delivery slots: **

Ok, so it's taken over 3 weeks, but AT LAST, I have a @sainsburys delivery slot for next Friday. Sod's law, just like a bus, @asda came along at the same time, offering one too! Here's how I managed it: 1/
1st - as someone in the #HighRiskCovid19 #shielding group I registered on the Government site. Now, I know some people have had problems with this. I'll come back to that in a bit. If you think you're in the 1.5 million *extremely vulnerable person' category, even 2/
While you await confirmation from Govt register, if you (or someone you know) haven’t already, create an account with your chosen supermarket, or one who delivers in your area. In my case this was @sainsburys and @asda but 4/
other supermarkets are also offering priority online shopping delivery slots for those #HighRiskCovid19 + most in need including @waitrose and @iceland 5/
You may have to wait a few days (or weeks in my case!) after completing the Govt #extremelyvulnerable register. The Govt is linking to your NHS and GP records. Once they have done the necessary checks and processed the data you should receive a text: 6/
If you’ve already set up an account with the supermarket for online shopping, within a few days you should receive an email from them advising that you have been identified as one of the priority customers for home delivery slots. You’re off!... However please note, due 7/
to high demand at present, you may see pages of this … 8/
This happened for me at first. However, I kept logging in at random times throughout the day or night. Eventually available slots showed. They are currently limited to deliveries within the next few days so you probably won’t yet be able to book 2-3 weeks in advance. 9/
Right, back to those who might still have problems, either registering with the supermarkets, or registering on the Government, #extremelyvulnerable site.
Again, I can only speak from my experience with Sainsburys. If you managed to register with both the Govt site, and 10/
If over 70 anywhere in the UK, call 0800 328 1700 for an automated registration service. Please note, phone lines may be busy - permanently engaged or you may keep getting cut off! They are inundated at present so you’ll have to keep trying but should eventually get through! 12/
It has come to light that some over 70’s don’t fall within the eligibility criteria for the Govt register, and they get ‘you are ineligible’ at the end of completing the online form. Several of us have flagged this + hope it will (eventually) be rectified. In the meantime ... 13/
Here’s a thread with suggestions of what to do next which may help you access short term solutions but if you have a specific issue and are #vulnerable #atrisk #highriskcovid19 #extremelyvulnerable 14/ https://twitter.com/Bluestockingmum/status/1243854184585322496?s=20
you need to flag it with your (or your loved ones) MP and local council. Write, email and/or tweet them. If you tweet them, tag me and I’ll shout on your behalf too! 15/
Finally, if you’ve read this thread, exhausted everything suggested and STILL haven’t had any luck accessing food or essential supplies, PLEASE shout (and tag me!) for help. 16/
PLEASE, DO NOT DESPAIR IF YOU HAVE A LOVED ONE YOU DON’T LIVE WITH, + YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT THEM. I’ve seen some wonderful examples of Twitter at its best over recent days. If I can’t help, I promise to do my best to help find someone who can.
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