When I support @sidharth_shukla, they called me SidHearts, now after BB I am liking their chemistry too, I am not fan who don't want to control his life, and become gyani. He is mature enough to understand, my 2nd priority will be always SANA because of Sid's Friend.MyPOV
I have been noticing there are lots of groups from all #SidHearts #Sidnaaz #Shehnaazians and keep on accusing attacking each other, many of they are mature who understands as a fan we can only support, can not direct or control their idols life. Now I am feeling rather then
Supporting their idols projects or other activity they are blaming their idols for not listening to them and indulging in fan war activity. I have tried my best to support #BhulaDunga50M but it seems no one is interested in taking or supporting @Shehnazgill123
Every single person who achieved just 2k 5k followers just because of their idols are thinking their are leaders and manipulating facts and acting weird after biggboss, let me make it clear they are not your fans they are their idols fan, you can't manipulate them.
You call me any name but digest it sid and sana are a good friend and not a single person from #SidHearts #SidNaaz #Shehnaazians can control their life. I love them both, and it's my personal point of view u don't need to agree or disagree.
When it comes to support
Sidharth Shukla will be my 1st priority and then Shehnaaz Gill. I will work toward #BhulaDunga100M Success, and will do anything what it takes to reach 100M

Good luck.
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