Long-lens trick photography has made it to Norway. This is a photo of my street y'day - nowhere near as crowded as it looks here (though, certainly more people than usual). The queue for the Vinmonopolet was spaced out beautifully.

The amount of distance this video is compressing is stunning. The foreground is booze shop (red), background is the end of the street (green).

Street view shows what it looks like with a wide, rather than telephoto lens, from roughly the same spot:

So that's about 300m.

The street is a good 11m wide.

So you could fit~ 200 ppl in a line, and have 7 lines (1,400 ppl), w/ 1.5m between each person.

There is very clearly <1,400 people in the video.
As @stilgherrian points out, the photogs doing this are very keenly aware of how massively deceptive this is.

Which means they're doing it for a conscious reason. And it's toxic: it turns what ought to be a community-minded venture into an outrage-fest. https://twitter.com/stilgherrian/status/1243797942076493825
Additional - the media outlet has responded with the full clip, including the 'unzoomed' part.

Compare the two, and think about why they edited out the unzoomed section and only left in the 'zoomed' section. The difference is incredibly stark:

And I was wrong in my calculations. The camera operator is actually standing far further up the street.

It's about 400m of distance covered with that zoom. At 11m width, you could fit ~2,000 people in that shot and still not breach guidelines.
It was a digital zoom on a 4K camera, not a telephoto lens, but the compression effect where distance between people is flattened is still precisely the same.
And there's also a little clip right up in the crowd instead of shot from a distance using digital zoom - that also makes it very clear about why it didn't make it into the final cut. Compare the pair:
One estimate suggests ~84 people in the photograph, along 400 metres of a road 12 metres wide: https://twitter.com/eivind1984/status/1246705170857316355

Around 1 person per 57 sq m
Sorry to keep going but it's just so fascinating. Here's a video of a cyclist riding down the street at 12:30pm. https://twitter.com/delveien/status/1246521142720020481
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