Hey for those of you into #TigerKingNetflix you gotta read about the REAL Tiger King, Jim Corbett.

He tracked and hunted man-eating tigers in the foothills of the Himalayas for decades in the early-mid-1900s and wrote great books about his experiences. 1/
His books filled me with a deep love and respect for nature, and an adoration for the wilds of Garhwal/Kumaon. His observational skills and natural affinity for nature are reflected in his beautiful writing. 2/ #TigerKingNetflix
The closest another book I've read has come to that kind of passion and deep knowledge of nature has been John Muir's essays.

Corbett combines that with exciting stories about tracking and killing tigers! 3/
Now why would a man who loved nature kill tigers, Lila?

I will tell you, audience. When a tiger gets old or injured, it can't catch deer and rabbits anymore. Instead, it hangs out by villages and eats children and old people. It becomes a man-eater.

Some eat 300+ people! 4/
Anyway, Corbett sahib was an expert tracker who could tell the age, gender, and general health of a tiger just from a set of pug marks. He tracked animals from a very young age. 5/
Over time, he got so good that villages would beg him to come and hunt man-eaters which terrorized them. So he'd spend weeks and months tracking the man-eater and finally bag it. 6/
Every single time, the tiger had been hurt, either by an animal (porcupine e.g.) or been hurt by an unscrupulous hunter, and couldn't hunt its usual prey, and had turned a man-eater. 7/
He has a whole bunch of interesting books on these topics.

My favorite is Man-Eaters of Kumaon. It's a book that's special to me because a kumaoni friend who heard of my interest in Corbett bought it for me from the Corbett museum.
For some reason I can't seem to paste the link
Just Tigers - The Very Best of Jim Corbett is a good collection of his writing to start with. #TigerKingNetflix 9/
What I'm saying is, given the renewed interest in big cats, read about them from a source who was very knowledgeable about them with a deep respect and passion for what they stood for. #TigerKing 10/
Also Carol Baskin killed her husband #TigerKingNetflix 11/11
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