All the gods and deities are having their regular meeting in Heaven during the Covid-19 crisis chaired by the Jade Emperor (considered to be the ruler of heaven). He noticed a few key personnel were missing...
Jade Emperor asked: Where is Erlang Shen 二郎神?
(Deity with a 3rd eye that enables him to see the truth, & also to detect incoming harm/enemies from vast distances & destroy them).

They replied: He couldn't find a goggle that could cover all his three eyes, Sir.
Jade Emperor asked: Where are Ba Xian 八仙?
(They are a group of 8 legendary Taoist immortals with special powers, usually depicted in a group in the midst of crossing the ocean).

They replied: They got arrested for going out Sir, and for not practising social distancing, Sir.
Jade Emperor started to feel annoyed and asked around: Who else is not here?

A reply came: Guan Yu's face is red and is suspected of fever.

(Guan Yu, deified historical figure from Han dynasty, and always portrayed with a red face that signifies bravery and righteousness).
Another reply came: Tang San Zhang 唐三藏 journeyed to the West and he is now not allowed to return by the immigration, your highness.

(Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang travelled to the "Western Regions" to obtain Buddhist sacred texts for propagation back in China).
Fine, said the Jade Emperor. How about Yan Luo Wang 閻羅王, Ruler of the Underworld, the King of Hell.

They replied that only he is working right now and even getting overtime as his department is considered essential services.
Jade Emperor asked about Choi Sun Yeh's whereabouts 財神爺 God of Prosperity.

The guard reported that he is still queuing at EPF to collect RM500. He is jobless now since Magnum, Big Sweep, TOTO & Genting casino are all closed ...
Jade Emperor asked: Where is Four Face Buddha 四面佛?

(Phra Phrom, Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma, who has 4 faces sharing one body).

They answered: He doesn’t have enough face masks.
The Jade Emperor had no choice but to postpone the meeting.

But just before he went, the Jade Emperor asked, where is Thousand Arms Guan Yin 千手觀音?

They answered: She is still busy washing and sanitizing all her hands, Sir.
Credits to the original creator who thought of this!
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