WenRene talked about each other like a line from fanfics but they actually did say it; a thread
"Q: Which member would you like to share a room with?

A: Wendy! Clean and nice Wendy whom you need to give a lot of love to. I will give it all to her"- Irene
And she does 🥺
Long story short, we don't get to do much being WenRene shippers, if you want to call us out for being loud, talk to the loudest ones- WenRene themselves first. We just stay on the ship holding to whatsoever there is hoping to keep our damn lives because it's on its full speed
"When I'm depressed, other people will hug me then ask "Seungwan-ah, are you okay?" while hugging me. While Joohyun unnie will just put her hands on my back once. But it's like electricity flows through her hands and it really comforts me"- Wendy
"When others see Wendy, they only see the bright sides of her, but as a person who sees her every day and talks to her, I see the parts of her that are broken and hurt. Wendy can have a weak heart at times."- Irene
"Our Wendy likes to talk and sometimes she may talk so much and loud but please once in a while, I hope you can listen to what she says"- Irene
"You can't look into her eyes for too long, you'll fall for her"- Wendy
"Yeri: Why do you keep looking at her? (Irene) Look at the fans!

Wendy: I don't know, I just keep looking at her"- Wendy
"Wendy and I stayed in a same room. Last night when I was watching her sleep soundly, I thought she could perform so well today"- Irene
"Wendy went to school in such a cold environment but she's so warmhearted"- Irene
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