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A tweet today got me thinking about Easter and Covid-19. I used to go to church regularly, but largely lost my faith over the last few years. Events of the last month and being alone for so much of it have had me thinking again. Ultimately, the (1/5)
message of any religion is hope; hope that there is a better way and that we can start working towards it now. And that's the important part - that we work towards it. It doesn't mean we don't make mistakes. Of course we do. It doesn't mean bad times won't happen because (2/5)
they will. But it's that we do the best with what resources we have now and try to make tomorrow better. It's about repenting and forgiveness - both others and ourselves - and acting to make tomorrow better.

Easter and spring are all about change and rebirth. Covid-19 has (3/5)
completely turned life upside down. We literally are doing the best with what we have now because we can't get anything!! But it has shown some incredible acts of love and kindness. Let's hope good change comes out of it, socially and individually.

And when this is over, (4/5)
I'll be in the cathedral giving thanks to whatever may be out there and promising to try and make tomorrow better with what I have then. (5/5)
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