#HighRiskCovid19 folks were ready for #COVID19 by how we already survive.

Y'all weren't & it's showing.

Thread (rant):
- Waiting with anger & frustration for people to think about how their actions impact others & do the right thing?

Honey. Disabled people can write this script with our placards on backwards & our one meal left in the fridge.
- Wearing masks for the 1st time because you're afraid for your life?

We've been doing it for years, sweetheart. Need me to explain that in disabled? Sucks to feel left out, different, stigmatized for not fitting in? WE KNOW.
- Learning it sucks to be stuck home? Getting creative with isolation? Miss friends?

WE KNOW THE FEELING. Your Eureka moments aren't new, we thought of them centuries ago.

PS: remember how you would say, "I wish I could be home all the time like you!" Still true?
- Frustrated not knowing how you'll survive financially? Perhaps relying on the government to decide how much you need to survive?

- Feeling feelings about people not wanting to get close to you, touch you, even talk to you?

*Blinks in disabled*
Welcome to our world.
The crux? You obviously still have more to learn from us & #COVID19 is making more disabled folks as we speak.

Meanwhile, eugenics are alive & well. Ventilators are being taken from disabled folks. Certain conditions are listed as not-priorities.

Stop killing us. Please.
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