how the fuck do i get warren people to understand that the media and the DNC treated her like shit too even after she did everything they said bernie should and they should probably be more angry about that than about bernie
she does everything the center says bernie should've. she's "nicer". she backed off on leftist rhetoric, moved more to the center. backed off on attacking biden. talked "unity" while hiring other people's staff and punching left.

and. they gave her. nothing. for it.
the moment she pivoted to "unity" rhetoric, the media starts ignoring her, leaving her off all sorts of discussions and graphics and covering her much much less. the moment she does all the things they say bernie should, they threw her to the side.
obama and his coalition still holds a massive grudge against her. the establishment thinks she is - even after significant rhetoric and policy concessions to the center - too far left. the media feels the same.

y'all are getting backstabbed too, you motherfuckers!
they're pulling your favorite candidate along on a string with promises they will never fulfill! just like clinton in 2016! she got nothing! she will continue to get nothing!

you're getting backstabbed too! they're just less overt about it than they are with bernie!
clinton gave *tim kaine* the VP nod! tim fucking "who?" kaine! tim "check out my abortion positions" kaine! the obama coalition will never give her an inch after the CFPB stuff! they're just quieter about fucking her over than they are bernie!

you're getting screwed too!
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