Priyank could not show his personality very well in the BiggBoss house. He is the guy who would do anything for footage.

Respect your man here, please!
Sidharth shukla doesn't even goof around for that one ‘valentine's day’!
Rmr how Priyank was like ‘divya! Divya! ' & the moment she left
‘nah, i broke up with her. It's over now’
If Sidharth's someone special then fine, else he's happy single!
He stated this in an iv as well, that he ain't gonna fake any relationship for a show!
His words which you tend to forget
‘soch ke aaya tha ki kisi ke sath emotions nhi rkhunga lekin hogya ab, kya kre? ’
He, the private shukla yelled this much, for a frnd? You're fuckin' out of your mind. Asim was a friend, he could have had grudges, pain, but with time would have been cool& nvr wanted her back, he ain't that kinda person! He is like ‘aao toh welcome, jao toh bhid kam’
if u like him fine, if u don't like him toh mare nhi jaayega vo tumhare liye!The fact that after every fight they still desperately wanted to patchup is the fact that their attachment is real& it has reached to the best of all 3 types of love i.e.
‘the consummate love’.
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