We are bored of this shit.
Let me give you a solution for this.

I request all muslims in the world to unite and then follow the below points to end the word Islamophobia

1) Kill all ISIS terrorists
2) Kill LET, IM, and other terrorist organization run by muslims. https://twitter.com/RanaAyyub/status/1246666355274682369
3) Rectify quran and get some logic on that, and put a word secular on that with "Live and let Live".

4) Stop all islamic teachers to brainwash kids with there own ideologies. Instead just put them into normal schools and ask parents to give the kids your book to read if needed.
5) Explain to all brainwashed muslims to follow scholars like @Imamofpeace instead of hate monger politicians.

6) Teach them not to play victim card when caught red handed and that TAQQIYA as well.

7) 56 countries are already islamic, tell them you were not able to
Conquer BHARAT and will never. So forget that. Ghazwa-e-hind.

8) Indian Muslims stop praising pakistan otherwise we will always call you pakistani.

9) Muslims says terrorism doesn't have a religion where 100% of attacks were done by muslims.
10) You say we cannot defame a religion because of few people, we will do and will continue until you yourself start condemning and stop this nonsense.

11) We are not here to pamper muslims we are earning our bread and butter you should do yours.
12) Muslims in India aren't minority so stop saying that.

Hope you will understand by this thread why we hate you and will disown you as you are a bad kid to the country.
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