probably will do this anyways bc i know i won’t get the likes
1. don’t even remember honestly probably my sister
21. tw:// weight, food, mental health
i can b v impatient, get irritated quickly, don like talking bout myself, eat too much, negative thoughts all the damn time. can get attached n distant rlly quick, holding onto grudges, n lots of other shit
22. korea, jamaica, japan, taiwan, thailand, hawaii and a lot of other places too
23. yes i do. i do lots of shit for others n i can never depend much on ppl to give back or do simple things for me so that’s y i hate asking for help n jus give it away instead
14. yes i do absolutely
15. ldek
16. confession, haven’t had an actual kiss yet...tragic ik don’t come for me
17. for sure, smth i believe in strongly. human life or not there’s life
18. nah
19. i hate baths honestly y sit in ur own dirt
20. i barley know my neighbours 💀
2. i’m v shy
3. i was looking forward to seeing 1team until the dallas show got cancelled and also hopefully mcr bc i got tickets for sept. n hyukoh once they reschedule their tour
4. idk tbh i guess i’m jus bad at conversation which obvi is an important thing in a relationship/friendship so ppl usually get bored of me bc i’m dry af....
5. n idk i jus laugh at everything when i’m drunk 🥴
6. i’m attracted to ppl.....who i like lmao
7. i probably won’t b in one, nobody liked me like dat
8. seonghwa
9. tbh i don’t mind joking about it but kinda idk it’s complicated bc if i’m being honest i don’t see anyone actually in that light no matter how much i joke about it lmaooo
10. no one? maybe one of my ig moots but it wasn’t dat deep. i don’t like talking bout myself
11. okay!! (see i’m dry af)
12. demian- cassette
13. if i say you can’t touch it n they do then no but other wise if we together then yeah sure i don’t mind
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