Locking down of the SA economy was not a wise move, it was a response of an unprepared state that takes instructions, not advice. This strategy is a poison pill used by spies when they are caught, its end of the game 4them.
It is tantamount to US or Russia detonating their nuclear bomb because they fear the other will detonate first. Instead of telling us they are ready and its too early to act our Gov should have acted early, they should have prevented the poison pill, the nuclear bomb option
It seems they were not having the poison pill in mind when they said closing airports and forcing quarantine was overreacting. When faced with a game where the poison pill/nuclear bomb is a possibility all other actions are small.
If u dont have the guts to close down airports and forcibly quarantine all those who are infected what gives u the courage to lockdown a country and place Townships under emergency rules, unless u have been instructed. We just don't know by whom and to what end
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