Thread >> I have spent the last week going out and distributing food. Into bastis that I didn’t even know existed. Where the distress and fear is palpable. Where you can smell the hunger by the absence of the smells from the kitchen as you walk past narrow corridors..
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>> ... Where the air is heavy with the hope that the people walking in would be carrying some food for their children. Where there are about 80 people crammed into a 1500 sq ft yard, all hungry and wondering how they can conceivably socially distance themselves...
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>> ... The world around us needs help and I am reaching out to seek support to scale the little that we are doing. I am volunteering with GNEM (Gurgaon Nagarik Ekta Manch). We have support from sponsors for food packs and have managed to get a community kitchen running...
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>> .. We are doing about 12K meals with current sponsors and donors. And we have volunteers who are pitching in to help with the distribution locally.
We need your help to keep going - here is a link to an online donation campaign. (
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While distributing food we spoke with people. Topics straddled a wide cross-section (how long will this lock-down be, how is food availability in general, how are people faring in other places, why they can’t get dry rations and so on)...
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...This observation is from some of these conversations with about a couple of dozen people across 3-4 groups that I spoke with.

The general impression is that COVID-19 is a deadly disease and it kills on contact...
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...We spent a lot of time to educate people about the virus, how it impacts, the lack of a vaccine (I heard a wide variety of ‘cure’ that they believe in), how infected people shouldn’t be cast out, how to be safe and a wide variety of other related clarifications.
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...Makes one think about the cues that people pick up from what is said and unsaid and how things are communicated. And how important it is for people in public offices not to talk down to people and be open and honest in communication...
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...This kind of public education is what the government should be doing rather than promoting Ramayan, Yoga videos, fake cures, clapping at 5pm, light show at 9pm, etc.
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