Was having a talk with a team mate tonight.

Its really unfortunate how many of you on Twitch and Mixer pretended to be my friend. I try and try and try, and so many of you pissed in my fucking face.

All take and no give. Stop pretending like you're my friends and fuck off.
I wasted so much time, energy, money, and resources on so many of you, and for what? Fake friendships and heart breaks.

Youre all the fucking same. "this is the real me" no it's not you're all fake as shit on your channels just like you were fake to me stop bsing your audiences.
This is more so an open letter to anyone following me on Twitter, Twitch, if you're in my Discord, etc if you don't care enough to actually ever follow up with me because you're afraid of losing your precious fucking Twitch clout then unfollow and please fucking leave.
I am TIRED of being the only half of these apparent friendships within the streaming ecosystem that tries. I will Always be the real me. I don't mince words and cradle precious Twitch clout that will never get me anywhere in life at the cost of friendships like you all do.
I'm so thankful to those friends new and old that I have made who have never kicked me to the side and participate in the other half of our friendships. Those kinds of people are too rare in this ecosystem. If you ever find them. Never let them go.
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