so tired of hearing about "vote for biden because supreme court". not even just because of clarence thomas and anita hill. but because we know what happened with obama and merrick garland, and obama was smarter and more charismatic than biden
a man who is constantly bragging about how the GOP is his bff and has constantly tried to work with them even as they fuck him over, even more ruthlessly dedicated to 'bipartisanship' than obama, and you think he's going to nominate *and fight for* a good judge
he's going to nominate some right wing garbage, get stonewalled, he'll constantly try to suck GOP dick because he cares about their friendship more than anything else, and even worse right wing garbage will end up in the seat
and even if you believe "okay biden won't be the one actually making any decisions, shadow presidency, it is what it is": shadow presidency is gonna be corp people. even worse than obama's team. who do you think they're gonna suggest to take over a supreme court seat
all the parts of obama's presidency you hated the most, the constant giving compromises to republicans before you even start, negotiating long past any point of good faith, them getting everything they want while we get "world hasn't ended i guess" come back x100 with biden
that's assuming he can get in at all and he's inspiring less than hillary and kerry lmao. and the media hasn't even turned on him for ratings yet
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